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2016 Session Snapshot

Congratulations to our 2016 American Legion Auxiliary New Mexico Girls State Officials

City Election Results
Lincoln County
Cedar City Spruce City

 Dylan Davis
Chief City Councilwoman Kayla West
City Councilwoman Gabriela Pineda-Dominguez
City Councilwoman Alexis Eaton
City Councilwoman Ileana Martinez
City Clerk Ivori Johnson
City Treasurer Victoria Valdez
Municipal Judge Amanda Muñoz

City Attorney Caitlin O'Brien
Fire Chief Kiara Zunie
Police Chief Mya Vigil
Police Officer Jereika Sena
Police Officer Savannah Vigil-Lujan
City Reporter Angelina Romero
Sanitary Engineer Tiffany Encinias
Building Inspector Zakeya Swenson
Homeland Security Alexis Spencer
Health & Recreation Officer Brittany Hymer
Sergeant-At-Arms Heana Reed
Animal Control Officer Gennesis Gutierrez

Election Official Gennesis Gutierrez
Election Official Zakeya Swenson
Election Official Dylan Davis
Election Official Ivori Johnson

Mayor Stephanie Hardy
Chief City Councilwoman Elisa Davidson
City Councilwoman Samyuta Komaravolu
City Councilwoman Julia Gonzales
City Councilwoman Jaci Fulgenzi
City Clerk Karina Soriano
City Treasurer Adriana Arredondo
Municipal Judge Hannah Stout

City Attorney Alexis Martinez
Fire Chief Tiffany Quynh-Tram Pham
Police Chief Kelsi Moscrop-Blake
Police Officer Lauralann Taylor
Police Officer Kasandra Velarde
City Reporter Hannah Kuhn
Sanitary Engineer Marisa Davis
Building Inspector Amanda Wallace
Health & Recreation Officer Hannah Stout 
Animal Control Officer Haley Castillo
Spirit Leader Sage Drake
Assistant Spirit Leader Karina Soriano
Fashion Police Micah Crist
Time Keeper Adriana Arredondo
Sign Holder Camille Gonzales

Election Official Hannah Kuhn
Election Official Elisa Davidson
Election Official Tiffany Quynh-Tram Pham
Election Official Kelsi Moscrop-Blake

Washington County
Cactus City Pine City

Mayor Victoria Dupriest
Chief City Councilwoman Danae Melon
City Councilwoman Mickeyla Wyckoff
City Councilwoman Aylin Torres-Montoya
City Councilwoman Brooke Beckett
City Clerk Jenika Padilla
City Treasurer Aretha Deng
Municipal Judge Megan Gower

City Attorney Savannah Payton
Fire Chief Michaela Vigil-Lujan
Police Chief Calissa Matthews
Police Officer Kylie Joiner
Police Officer Leslie Ibuado
City Reporter Jenika Padilla
Sanitary Engineer Brianna Meyer
Building Inspector Janae Session
Health & Recreation Officer Tamara Menges
Sergeant-At-Arms Jalayna Garcia
Animal Control Officer Abbi Roe

Election Official Savannah Payton
Election Official Mickeyla Wyckoff
Election Official Calissa Matthews
​Election Official Leslie Ibuado

Mayor Chloe O'Brien
Chief City Councilwoman Hannah McCurley
City Councilwoman Erica Jessen
City Councilwoman Iris Amelia Zoernig
City Councilwoman Jacqueline Murphy
City Clerk Amanda Rotunno
City Treasurer Alanna Herrera
Municipal Judge Genevieve Romero

City Attorney Marissa Rodriguez
Fire Chief Misa Tran
Police Chief Cameron Flores
Police Officer Karina Najera
Police Officer Ivy Fernandez
City Reporter Araceli Dixon
City Reporter Samantha Armstrong
Sanitary Engineer Samantha Armstrong
Building Inspector Giselle Alvarado
Health & Recreation Officer Sarah Faulkner
Manager of Chamber of Commerce Madison Paulk
Sergeant-At-Arms Araceli Dixon
Animal Control Officer Diana Rangel

Election Official Diana Rangel
Election Official Misa Tran
Election Official Cameron Flores
Election Official Ivy Fernandez


County Election Results
Lincoln County Washington County

District Judge Amanda Muñoz (F)
District Attorney Heana Reed (F)
Member State Board of Education Haley Castillo (N)
County Commissioner Victoria Valdez (N)
County Clerk No Candidate
County Treasurer Lauralann Taylor (F)
County Sheriff Hannah Stout (N)
State Senator

  • Alexis Martinez (F)
  • Caitlin O'Brien (N)
  • Micah Crist (F)
  • Brittany Hymer (N)
  • Kelsi Moscrop-Blake (N)
  • Sage Drake (F)

State Representative

  • Angelina Romero (F)
  • Kiara Zunie (F)
  • Mya Vigil (N)
  • Jereika Sena (F)
  • Camille Gonzales (N)
  • Adriana Arredondo (N)

District Judge Sarah Faulkner (F)
District Attorney Tamara Menges (F)
Member State Board of Education Alanna Herrera (F)
County Commissioner No Candidate
County Clerk No Candidate
County Treasurer No Candidate
County Sheriff Giselle Alvarado (F)
State Senator

  • Abbi Roe (F)
  • Janae Session (F)
  • Savannah Payton (F)
  • Jenika Padilla (F)
  • Hannah McCurley (N)
  • Calissa Matthews (N)
  • Aylin Torres-Montoya (N)

State Representative

  • Diana Rangel (N)
  • Araceli Dixon (N)
  • Michaela Vigil-Lujan (F)
  • Johana Ortiz (N)
  • Kylie Joiner (N)
  • Karina Najera (F)
  • Amanda Rotunno (N)
  • Ivy Fernandez (F)
  • Jalayna Garcia (F)
Lincoln County
Nationalist Convention Appointments
Lincoln County
Federalist Convention Appointments
Washington County
Nationalist Convention Appointments
Washington County
Federalist Convention Appointments
No report received. No report received. No report received. No report received.
Federalist Party Convention Appointments Nationalist Party Convention Appointments
No report received. No report received. No report received. No report received.
Senate Appointments House of Respresentatives Appointments
Chaplain Heana Reed
Chief Clerk Caitlin O'Brien
Speaker of the House Amanda Rotunno
Chaplain Sarah Faulkner
Chief Clerk Dane Melon
Enrolling Clerk Tiffany Quynh-Tram Pham
Reading Clerk Jacqueline Murphy
Sergeant-At-Arms Aretha Deng
Typist Sarina Pozos
Typist Kasandra Velarde
Lincoln County District Court Washington County District Court
No report received. No report received.
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2016 Session - Bills/Resolutions


State Election Results
Governor Dylan Davis (F) Lt. Governor Ivori Johnson (F)
Secretary of State
Chloe O'Brien (N)
State Auditor
Misa Tran (F)
State Treasurer
No Candidate
Attorney General
Megan Gower (N)
Justices of the Supreme Court
Chief Justice Genevieve Romero (N)
Madison Paulk (F), Elisa Davidson (N), Erica Jessen (N), Iris Amelia Zoernig (N)
Governor's Cabinet Honorary Appointments

Chief of Staff, Governor’s Office Heana Reed

Secretary of African American Affairs Brooke Beckett

Secretary of Agriculture Gennesis Gutierrez

Secretary of Children, Youth & Families Alanna Herrera

Secretary of Corrections Hannah Stout

Secretary of Cultural Affairs Stephanie Hardy

Secretary of Economic Development Sarah Faulkner

Secretary of Higher Education Mickeyla Wyckoff

Secretary of Public Education Genevieve Romero

Secretary of Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources Jereika Sena

Secretary of the Environment Samantha Armstrong

Secretary of Finance & Administration Sage Drake

Secretary of General Services Amanda Muñoz

Secretary of Health Samyuta Komaravolu

Secretary of Homeland Security & Emergency Management Amanda Wallace 

Secretary of Native American Affairs Megan Gower

Secretary of Information Technology Victoria Valdez

Secretary of Public Affairs Zakeya Swenson

Secretary of Public Safety Giselle Alvarado

Secretary of Taxation & Revenue Angelina Romero

Secretary of Tourism Aretha Deng

Secretary of Transportation Iris Amelia Zoernig

Secretary of Veteran Affairs Ileana Martinez

(F) = Federalist Party, (N) = Nationalist Party


Other Awards and Recognitions
Outstanding Citizens
Cedar City
Gabriela Pineda-Dominguez
Spruce City
Stephanie Hardy
Cactus City
Victoria Dupriest
Pine City
Erica Jessen
Outstanding City

Pine City
Alanna Herrera, Amanda Rotunno, Araceli Sally Dixon, Cameron Flores, Chloe O'Brien, Diana Rangel, Erica Jessen, Genevieve Romero, Giselle Alvarado, Hannah McCurley, Iris Amelia Zoernig, Ivy Fernandez, Jacqueline Murphy, Karina Najera, Madison Paulk, Marissa Rodriguez, Misa Tran, Samantha Armstrong, Sarah Faulkner

Government Counselor Renee Keeling, Senior Counselor Gwen Miller
Junior Counselor Taylor Libby, Junior Counselor Paige Torres, Junior Counselor Dana Thalmann

American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation
Senior Senator
Genevieve Romero
Junior Senator
Iris Amelia Zoernig
1st Alternate
Megan Gower
2nd Alternate
Savannah Payton
Samsung Scholarship ENMU Founder's Board Book Scholarship
Amanda Rotunno Lauralann Taylor
Art Cover Contest

Jacqueline Murphy

Samantha Armstrong

Jacqueline Murphy

Giselle Alvarado
ALA NM Girls State National Guard - Honor Guard
Adriana Arredondo, Amanda Wallace, Araceli Sally Dixon, Hannah McCurley, Heana Reed
Ileana Martinez, Jalayna Garcia, Marisa Davis, Tamara Menges
Led by Advisor Maureen Harrop
Choir Ensemble Participants

Abbi Roe, Alanna Herrera, Amanda Rotunno, Amanda Wallace, Angelina Romero, Araceli Dixon, Aretha Deng, Aylin Torres-Montoya, Brianna Meyer, Brooke Beckett, Cameron Flores, Chloe O'Brien, Danae Melon, Diana Rangel, Dylan Davis, Elisa Davidson, Erica Jessen, Gabriela Pineda-Dominguez, Genevieve Romero, Gennesis Gutierrez, Giselle Alvarado, Hannah McCurley, Ileana Martinez, Jacqueline Murphy, Jalayna Garcia, Jenika Padilla, Karina Najera, Kayla West, Kylie Joiner, Lauralann Taylor, Leslie Ibuado, Madison Paulk, Marisa Davis, Marissa Rodriguez, Megan Gower, Mickeyla Wyckoff, Misa Tran, Samantha Armstrong, Savannah Vigil-Lujan, Victoria Dupriest, Zakeya Swenson
Led by Choir Director Imogene Jones
Accompanied by Amanda Wallace

Talent Show Participants

Abbi Roe, Alanna Herrera, Alexis Eaton, Amanda Muñoz, Amanda Wallace, Angelina Romero, Aretha Deng, Dylan Davis, Elisa Davidson,
Erica Jessen, Genevieve Romero, Hannah Kuhn, Hannah McCurley, Heana Reed, Jacqueline Murphy, Lauralann Taylor, Marissa Rodriguez,
Megan Gower, Michaela Vigil-Lujan, Misa Tran, Sage Drake, Samantha Armstrong, Sarah Faulkner, Savannah Payton, Savannah Vigil-Lujan,
Stephanie Hardy, Tiffany Quynh-Tram Pham
MC'd by 2015 ALANMGS Governor Taylor Torres and 2015 ALANMGS Lt. Governor Taylor Libby
Organized by Junior Counselors Melina Sanchez, Kyanna Spaulding, 


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