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News Reports - 2017 ALA NM Girls State

Day 1 Report: Cactus City
Reporter: "Mo" Morgan McHose 

Today we learned many things. My city learned that going for gold is the sort of mentality needed not just for the Olympics, but in the city life too. We learned that no government official is simply a title. We learned that enthusiasm is our friend, and shyness is our enemy. We also learned the simpler things, too. Every girl is a potential friend, no matter her party, city, or county. All chants are valuable- the louder, the better. It's all about winning and fun, Cactus City is number one!


Day 1 at Girls State

Reporter: Sydney Olivas from Pine City

Today during our city meetings we appointed people to their jobs. We came up with rules for our city. We started working on our flag, seal and our song. We also voted on a mayor and everyone who wanted to run for state or city positions.


Monday at Girls State

Reporter: Giovanna Saucedo from Cactus City

Today Cactus City elected their city mayor, Councilwoman, city Clerk, and Treasurer. We learned about the significance of the poppy flower to the Veterans and their families. We also learned about the importance of each fold of the American Flag. The Council appointed the other appointed officials, and held our first official city council meeting.

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