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News Reports - 2017 ALA NM Girls State


Cedar City – Sunday Reporter: Unknown
The residents of Cedar City came together and learned about one another. We became acquainted with the ALA and how we as teenagers can get involved in the political process of America.


Cactus City – Sunday – Reporter: Danika Fuselier
Arriving at 12. Got all the stamps and got a room. We had the first city meeting. After that we walked to the cub and went into the city rooms. We went to the ballroom then to lunch. Then back to the rooms and to dinner, then city rooms, and to the dorms.


Cactus City – Sunday – Reporter: Unknown
Today we learned many things. My city learned that going for gold is the sort of mentality needed not just for the Olympics, but in city life too. We learned that no government official is simply a title. We learned that enthusiasm is our friend, and shyness our enemy. We also learned the simpler things, too. Every girl is a potential friend, no matter her party, city, or county. All chants are valuable – the louder the better. It’s all about winning and fun, Cactus City is number one!


Pine City – Day 1 at Girls State – Reporter: Sydney Olivas
Today during our city meetings we appointed people to their jobs. We came up with rules for our city. We started working on our flag, seal and our song. We also voted on a mayor and everyone who wanted to run for state or city positions.


Cactus City – Monday at Girls State – Reporter: Giovanna Saucedo
Today Cactus City elected their city mayor, Councilwoman, city Clerk, and Treasurer. We learned about the significance of the poppy flower to the Veterans and their families. We also learned about the importance of each fold of the American Flag. The Council appointed the other appointed officials, and held our first official city council meeting.


Cedar City – Monday – Reporter: Unknown
Cedar City held its city meetings. We created what Cedar City is actually about in its core. We elected officials and created our ordinances.


Cactus City – Monday – Reporter: Danika Fuselier
Everything moved so fast. Early morning, late nights and stressful days. We were given a quick briefing on everything for that day along with the schedule for the next day. I applied for city clerk I had or was recommended to write a speech. I got it done and went to bed on time.

As a city we had a city meeting and did a game to get to know everyone’s name. Then went over rules. Then we decorated the sign as an Olympic torch. Then we walked to the cub for breakfast. After that we broke into our cities and got explained about the city elected officials. Then went to lunch. After that we met as a city then went to dorms.


Cedar City – Tuesday – Reporter: Unknown
Tuesday we met in our parties and counties and learned about two party system. We elected our party candidates, created a platform and ended the night with some talent show fun!


Cactus City – Tuesday – Reporter: Danika Fuselier
We got to get up a bit later today and meet up for city meeting then left for breakfast. The met as Federalists and Nationalist. We decided on positions then voted on primaries. Then the parties platform committee left to discuss the issues. When we returned we broke up into several different committees. At dinner we sat with our communities and discussed what bills should be passed and what shouldn’t be passed. After lunch we broke back into our cities.


Cedar City – Wednesday – Reporter: Unknown
Wednesday was all about spirit! We participated in our city and party rallies. City slayed everyone with our awesomeness. We supported our Girls Nation sisters and elected our county and state officers.


Cactus City – Wednesday – Reporter: Morgan McHose
Cactus was split up today, but that only strengthened our bond. Our parties could be uncompromising, and our counties misinterpreted one another. We were frustrated and sleep-deprived by recreation time, but no one slept. We had a newfound appreciation for each other and our city – and we shared it with impromptu speeches and plenty of volume. We made our counselors proud today not by winning, but by bonding, sharing, befriending and cheering. We cheered ourselves hoarse at the talent show and shared lots of laughs. Our inside jokes seem to grow at an exponential rate. After a thunderstorm delayed our meeting, we gathered and discussed with poise and efficiency. I have never been more proud of my city!


Cactus City – Wednesday – Reporter: Danika Fuselier
We got up and did the flag ceremony. Went to breakfast after that went to the ballroom, voted, then the whistle walk. We went to the ballroom we went over who won and did the city skits.


Cedar City – Thursday – Reporter: Unknown
Thursday was a day of reflection for Cedar City. We started the day hearing from the Girls Nation candidates. Next we had the privilege of being taught Parli Pro by NM Reps. We participated in the Senate and House and marveled at the intelligence of our Girls State sisters. Finally we needed the day with a banquet honoring the ALA and those who have served.




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