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2018 Session - Legislation

Delegate Legislation Title Status
Abigail Miller Litter in National Parks Failed in Committee
Aisis Hernandez Elimination of PARCC standardized testing No action in House
Alanna Greenwell Educational Welfare, Steady Progress for the Success of Students No action in House
Alea Stevenson Amendment to the recall of school board members Vetoed by Governor
Alexis Apodaca PARCC testing in public schools Failed in Committee
Alyssa Wood Welfare checks for the safety and protection of our children Failed in Committee
Amaya Huskey cultural or traditional regalia to be worn for Native American students No Action in Senate
Aryann Farano Revision and Restrictions to NM Issued EBT Cards No Action in House
Ashleigh Feldbusch Legalization of the Recreational and personal use of Marijuana Passed Senate/ Amended House
Audrey Turner End of Course Exams Failed in House
Bailey Grady PTSD in Military Awareness Day Vetoed by Governor
Bailey Means Cut funding of space port Failed in Committee
Breanna Widner Minimum Wage Increase Act No Action in Committee
Brianna Maes Coporal Punishment Failed in Senate
Brianna Martinez Polystyrene Foam Products Used at Food Sevice Facilities Passed by Governor
Brooke Fleming Hope for a Future Without Gun Violence Failed in Committee
Cailyn Marrujo College Success Course No Action in House
Caitlin Britt Legalization and Taxation of Marijuana Passed Senate/ Amended House
Catherine Goldblatt Increase in the salary of New Mexico Educators Failed in Committee
Chanel Hefter Wear Purple Day Failed in Committee
Chloe Brownell Punishment for DUI's and DWI's No Action in House
Chriss Wright Starting the Climb Failed in House
Diana Guzman Santa Fe Texas High School Shooting Failed in House
Emma Harbison How better gun laws can save our children's lives Failed in Committee
Esperanza Salazar Requirement of Increased Use of Renewable Energy in Utilities Failed in Senate
Estefani Martinez-Colin Child Abuse No Action in House
Evonne Boldt Cyberbullying Act Failed in House
Gabriella Carmona Drug Administer Failed in Committee
Hailey Armijo Rio Grande Preservation Week No Action in House
Haydee Andujo Enhanced Protection and Conservation Passed by Governor
Iris Romero In honor of the many victims of elderly abuse Vetoed by Governor
Isabel Tomingas Making an Appropriation for Hotel Awareness of Human Trafficking No Action in Senate
Jaedan Marquez Penalization of tobacco Distribution to Minors No Action in House
Jaimey Fastnacht Waste, Landfills, Decreasing Carbon Failed in Committee
Jasmin Alcala Bullying Resolution Failed in Committee
Jasmine Dixon The Raising of The Minimum Wage in New Mexico No Action in Committee
Jennifer Chavez State Memorial Cheerleader Failed in Committee
Jennifer Harned Compulsory Spanish Language Curriculum Act Passed by Governor
Jennifer Johnson Modification to Gun-Free Zones Failed in Committee
Jessica Miller Aiding Students in Need Failed in Committee
Joslyne Debonis no title Failed in Committee
Julianna Luna Firearm Mental Regulation Failed in Committee
Kaci Jarry Class Size Caps for STEM Related Classes Tabled in Senate
Kacie Morelos Social Media Failed in Committee
Karla Rodarte Jobs against Fire Hazards Failed in Committee
Katelynn Kenyon Diabetes Awareness Day in the Senate Failed in Committee
Keiko Yamamoto New Mexico Wildfire Prevention Week Failed in Committee
Kendra Flores Leaving Children to Starve Failed in Committee
Kimberly Clayton Sports Betting in New Mexico No Action in House
Krista Baltes Exchange High School Courses for Trade Failed in House
Lainey Fastnacht Teachers should be getting paid more than $35,000 to 50,000 a year in the state of New Mexico. Failed in Committee
Latricia Sanchez Chile Day No Action in Senate
Leah Downey Annual Firearm Flat Tax Failed in House
Lucia Martinez Corporal Punishment in Schools Failed in Committee
Mackenzie Jordan Stop State Funding for Places Names After Conquistadors No Action in Senate
Marisol Lozano Higher Pay for CNA's No Action in Senate
Mary Rivera Mandatory Anti-Bullying Training for Educators Failed in House
Melanie Jun Mandatory Increased Funding for Schools and Teachers Passed by Governor
Melissa Reyna FALLEN SERVICE MEMBERS MEMORIAL Failed in Committee
Monique Tenorio A Tax On Plastic Bags at Retail Stores Vetoed by Governor
Morgan Fortin Bicycle/ Car Safety Failed in Committee
Mykala Thomas Waste Awareness Failed in Committee
Naomi Helsel Amendment no title Failed in Committee
Nita Seciwa-Koons Operation Safe School - Veterans protecting schools as security guards No Action in House
Paulina Burnside A Bill to Tax Plastic Bags Failed in Committee
Preciosa America Chavez Cheerleader Memorial Failed in Committee
Raquel Mendoza Shelter Animal Health Provisions No Action in Senate
Raven Iverson Clean Elections for New Mexico No Action in Committee
Renee Catanach Prohibiting Use of Assault Weapons Failed in Committee
Rowan Phlieger Safe and Fair Welfare Act No Action in Committee
Sabina Griebel Creating a day to honor Lola Chavez de Armijo No Action in Senate
Samantha Davis Employee, Labor Laws, and Maternity Leave Definition No Action in Senate
Serenity Barnes Foreign State Abortions No Action in House
Sheyenne Drake Encouraging the Involvement of School Personal in Regards to the Maintenance of Students' Mental Health No Action in House
Sierra Jewell Decrease in Dropouts Failed in Committee
Sierra Whitfield Tax on Sugar Based, Non-Produce/processed Foods to Pay for Healthcare Services (AKA the Junk Food Tax) No Action in Senate
Sydney Foster A Memorial for Affordable Insulin Vetoed by Governor
TiAnna Olivas An addition to Article 4 of the constitution of New Mexico Failed in Committee
Torrie Padilla Prohibitions in public and private school Failed in Committee
Trinity Shipley Water Restoration Bill No Action in House
VaNessa Isleib Gender Equality Failed in Committee
Vanessa Trujillo Feral Swine Management Failed in Committee
Victoria Trujillo Mobile VA Health Check-Ups for Veterans with Little Access to VA Care No Action in House
Yong Banks No Early Warnings No Action in Committee



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