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2019 Session Snapshot

City Election Results
Lincoln County
Cedar City Spruce City

 Jesse Smith
Chief City Councilwoman Adalee Alvarez
City Councilwoman Nik Ortega
City Councilwoman Etta Pope
City Councilwoman Tessa Ortiz
City Clerk Sierra Shoemaker
City Treasurer Gracee Galvan
Municipal Judge Macki Bilbrey

City Attorney Esther Wermer
Fire Chief Madison Rotunno
Police Chief Truly Shipley
Police Officer Adriana Darrow
Police Officer Emilee Pavlakovich
City Reporter Autumn Laws
Sanitary Engineer Journee Dial
Health & Recreation Officer Kylie Stenstrom

Election Official Madison Rotunno
Election Official Kylie Stenstrom

 Aliyah Padilla
Chief City Councilwoman Jessica Armijo
City Councilwoman Allison Cilke
City Councilwoman Katrina Estrada
City Councilwoman Krysta Cunico
City Clerk Katelyn Graham
City Treasurer Miciah Gallegos
Municipal Judge Anissa Mahkee

City Attorney Kai Warrior
Fire Chief Krystal Mailman
Police Chief Ginger Baird
City Reporter/Photographer Reanna Michel
Sanitary Engineer Jordan Bell
Building Inspector Fatima Olvera

Election Official Miciah Gallegos
Election Official Krystal Mailman

Washington County
Cactus City Pine City

 Aji Claussen
Chief City Councilwoman Sill Padilla
City Councilwoman Adrianna Tafoya
City Councilwoman Anissa Bradley
City Councilwoman Lindsey Johnson
City Clerk Heather Merten
City Treasurer Danette Torres
Municipal Judge Bella Roy

City Attorney Gracie Marquez
Fire Chief Haley Jacquez
Police Chief Haley Jacquez
Police Officer Rae-anne Williamson
Police Officer Marina Manquero
Sanitary Engineer Esther Puga
Building Inspector Marina Manquero
Health & Recreation Officer Megan Massie
Manager Chamber of Commerce Aliyah Gomez
City Reporter/Photographer Midori Yuen

Election Official Heather Merten
Election Official Gracie Marquez

 Allyssa Wright
Chief City Councilwoman Haley Woolf
City Councilwoman Melinda Murcia Candelario
City Councilwoman Nichole Cardenas
City Councilwoman Rebekah Page
City Clerk Ronda Padilla
City Treasurer Day Chavez
Municipal Judge Dominique Montano

City Attorney Kyleigh Hutchins
Fire Chief Dani Jaramillo
Police Chief Hannah Carlson
Police Officer Fern Regalado
Police Officer Reagan Walker
City Reporter Megan Steeby
City Photographer Alyssa Falk
Sanitary Engineer Faith Ragland
Building Inspector Stephanie Pereda
Health & Recreation Officer Hailey Valdez
Manager Chamber of Commerce Amber Nichole Washburn

Election Official Alyssa Falk
Election Official Reagan Walker


County Election Results
Lincoln County Washington County

District Judge No Candidate
District Attorney Ginger Baird
Member State Board of Education No Candidate
County Commissioner No Candidate
County Clerk No Candidate
County Treasurer No Candidate
County Sheriff Reanna Michel
State Senator

  • Krysta Cunico
  • Autumn Laws
  • Tessa Ortiz

State Representative

  • Jordan Bell
  • Macki Bilbrey
  • Allison Cilke
  • Journee Dial
  • Gracee Galvan
  • Anissa Mahkee
  • Fatima Olvera
  • Emilee Pavlakovich
  • Etta Pope
  • Madison Rotunno
  • Kylie Stenstrom

District Judge Stephanie Pereda
District Attorney Midori Yuen
Member State Board of Education Megan Steeby
County Commissioner No Candidate
County Clerk Esther Puga
County Treasurer No Candidate
County Sheriff Alyssa Falk
State Senator

  • Aliyah Gomez
  • Haley Jacquez
  • Megan "Megs" Massie
  • Priscilla "Sill" Padilla
  • Reagan Walker
  • Haley Woolf

State Representative

  • Dani Jaramillo
  • Marina Manquero
  • Zara "Bella" Roy
  • Adrianna Tafoya
  • Hailey Valdez
Lincoln County
Nationalist Convention Appointments
Lincoln County
Federalist Convention Appointments
Washington County
Nationalist Convention Appointments
Washington County
Federalist Convention Appointments

No report recorded

County Convention Chairman
Jesse Smith

County Convention Clerk
Adriana Darrow

County Convention Treasurer
Sierra Shoemaker

Platform Committee
Jesse Smith, Aliyah Padilla, Allison Cilke

No report recorded

County Convention Chairman
Priscilla Padilla

County Convention Clerk
Rebekah Page

County Convention Treasurer
Zara Roy

Platform Committee
Aliyah Gomez, Haley Jacquez, Lindsey Johnson

Federalist Party Convention Appointments Nationalist Party Convention Appointments
Convention Chairman Jesse Smith
Convention Clerk Aliyah Gomez
Convention Treasurer Sierra Shoemaker
Keynote Speaker Zara Roy
Keynote Speech

No report recorded

Senate Appointments House of Respresentatives Appointments

Senate President Kai Warrior
President pro tempore Sierra Shoemaker
Chief Clerk Sierra Shoemaker
Assistant Clerk Danette Torres
Assistant Clerk Shanti Benter
Chaplain Amber Nichole Washburn
Sergeant-At-Arms Melinda Murcia Candelario
Page Truly Shipley

Secretary of State Rebekah Page
Speaker of the House Allison Cilke
Chief Clerk Aliyah Padilla
Assistant Clerk Krystal Mailman
Assistant Clerk Jessica Armijo
Chaplain Faith Ragland
Sergeant-At-Arms Allyssa Wright
Page Hannah Carlson
Page Daylyn Chavez

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2019 Session - Bills/Resolutions


State Election Results
Governor Gracie Marquez (N)
Lt. Governor Kai Warrior (N)
Secretary of State
Rebekah Page (F)
Attorney General
Adriana Darrow (F)

Justices of the Supreme Court
Chief Justice Jesse Smith (F)
Justices of the Supreme Court Adalee Alvarez (N), Katelyn Graham (N), Lindsey Johnson (F)

(F) = Federalist Party, (N) = Nationalist Party

Governor's Cabinet Honorary Appointments Governor's Board Honorary Appointments

Chief of Staff, Governor’s Office Aji Claussen

Secretary of African American Affairs Jordan Bell

Secretary of Aging and Long-Term Services Rae Williamson

Secretary of Agriculture Faith Ragland

Secretary of Children, Youth & Families Etta Pope

Secretary of Corrections Adrianna Tafoya

Secretary of Cultural Affairs Madison Rotunno

Secretary of Economic Development Tessa Ortiz

Secretary of Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources Midori Yuen

Secretary of Finance & Administration Sill Padilla

Secretary of General Services Jessica Armijo

Secretary of Health Lindsey Johnson

Secretary of Higher Education Gracee Galvan

Secretary of Homeland Security & Emergency Management Katrina Estrada

Secretary of Human Services Dani Jaramillo

Secretary of Native American Affairs Megan Massie

Secretary of Information Technology Aliyah Gomez

Secretary of Public Education Megan Steeby

Secretary of Public Safety Heather Merten

Secretary of Taxation & Revenue Krystal Mailman

Secretary of Tourism Ginger Baird

Secretary of Transportation Nichole Washburn

Secretary of Veteran Affairs Macki Bilbrey

Secretary of Work Force Solutions Truly Shipley

Acequia Commission Reagan Walker

Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists Kyleigh Hutchins

Board of Directors of the National Hispanic Cultural Center of NM Allyssa Wright

Board of Examiners for Architects Bella Roy

Board of Nursing Aliyah Padilla

Board of Pharmacy Fern Regalado

Board of Regents for ENMU Adalee Alvarez

Board of Regents for New Mexico Highlands University Day Chavez

Board of Regents for NM Institute of Mining and Technology Dominique Montano

Board of Regents for NM Military Institute Nik Ortega

Board of Regents for NM State University Sierra Shoemaker

Board of Regents for Northern NM College Rebekah Page

Board of Regents for UNM Allison Cilke

Board of Regents for Western NM University Krysta Cunico

Board of Trustees of the NM Museum of Natural History Adriana Darrow

Board of Trustees of the NM Veterans Museum Esther Wermer

Board of Veterinary Medicine Haley Woolf

Children, Youth and Families Advisory Committee Fatima Olvera

Commission for the Blind Ronda Padilla

Commission for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Persons Haley Jacquez

Community Development Council Esther Puga

Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad Commission Shanti Benter

Dept of Military Affairs Alyssa Falk

Dept of Public Affairs Journee Dial

Dept of Regulation and Licensing Hannah Carlson

Developmental Disabilities Planning Council Katelyn Graham

E-911 State Coordination Committee Marina Manquero

Early Childhood Education and Care Council Reanna Michel



Other Awards & Recognition
Outstanding Citizens

Cedar City
Truly Shipley
Spruce City
Katrina Estrada
Cactus City
Rae Williamson
Pine City
Allyssa Wright
Outstanding City

Cactus City
Rae Williamson, Danette Torres, Adrianna Tafoya, Aji Claussen, Aliyah Gomez, Anissa Bradley, Esther Puga, Haley Jacquez, Gracie Marquez, Heather Merten, Lindsey Johnson, Megs Massie, Marina Manquero, Sill Padilla, Bella Roy, Midori Yuen

Senior Counselor Jean Gomez, Senior JC Ashleigh Merritt, Junior Counselors Trinity Shipley & Kendra Flores

American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation

Senior Senator
Nichole Washburn
Junior Senator
Gracie Marquez
1st Alternate
Allyssa Wright
2nd Alternate
Jesse Smith
Samsung American Legion Scholarship ENMU Book Scholarship
Krystal Mailman Sierra Shoemaker
Art Cover Contest
Anissa Bradley
Front Cover Contest Winner (Left)

Nichole Washburn
Back Cover Contest Winner (Right)

Flag Honor Guard
Allyssa Wright, Aliyah Padilla, Ronda Padilla, Lindsey Johnson, Gracee Galvan, Aliyah Gomez, Krystal Mailman, Jesse Smith
Led by Advisor Nita Seciwa-Koons and Trinity Shipley
Choir Ensemble

Adrianna Tafoya, Aliyah Gomez, Anissa Bradley, Esther Puga, Faith Ragland, Gracie Marquez, Kai Warrior, Krystal Mailman, Lindsey Johnson, Marina Manquero, Miciah Gallegos, Priscilla Padilla, Rae Williamson, Stephanie Pereda, Zara Roy - Led by Choir Director Imogene Jones

Staff Members

SC Jean Gomez, Senior JC2 Ashleigh Merritt, JC Trinity Shipley, JC Kendra Flores

SC Gwen Miller, Senior JC Genevieve Romero, JC Aryann Farano, JC Bailey Grady

SC Marge Christianson, Senior JC Dominica Chavez, JC Chloe Brownell, JC Leah Downey

SC Patricia Torres, Senior JC Halle Medina, JC Hailey Armijo, JC Mary Rivera

Ancillary Staff
Dir Alisha Jones, Asst Dir Amber Fitzgerald
Office & Canteen Manager Loreen Jorgensen
First Aid & Canteen Judy Casados
Activities Staff -  Imogene Jones, Mara Michaels
Government - Dana Thalmann
Media Team - Hannah Thornton, Shannon Miller, Nita Seciwa-Koons


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