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Activities During Session

Activities During Session
Talent Show

On Tuesday evening, delegates will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents in our ALA NM Girls State Talent Show. Anyone can participate, but all individuals must come to session prepared with any props, costumes, instruments, etc they may need to perform. A piano and sound system will be available. Practice time will be extremely limited and mainly for review of show order, sound and stage props (chairs, music stand, etc). 

We look forward to your singing, dancing, acting, comedy performance and a very fun evening. 

Community Service Project

While practicing government we also will practice good citizenship during the week. Our Community Service Project this year include a toy drive for children at shelters and children's hospital. If anyone is interested in bringing donations we are looking for new:

  • books
  • games
  • toys

Please note donations are not a requirement. All delegates will be participating in the service project as there will be many activities including creating birthday cards for shelters, children's activity books and other projects. Details will be provided at session.


Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in the ALA NM Girls State Choir. Rehearsal will occur during the week and our Choir will preform during our Inaugural Banquet on Thursday evening. All interested parties to choir accepted, all you need is a desire to sing.

National Guard

Each city at ALA NM Girls State is given the opportunity to select 2-4 volunteers to be part of the National Guard Flag Guard. These individuals will be trained to Raise and Lower our flag and perform these duties each morning and evening during the week. All National Guard Flag Guard members must wear Dress Code A for all ceremonies but will have the opportunity to change to standard dress code following the ceremony. Change of clothes must be brought with the delegate to the meeting building, there will be no time to return back to the dorms. All individuals interested in volunteering are recommended to bring multiple options for Dress Code A as it can be very hot in Portales and there are no laundry facilities to use during the week.

Party Rallies

Delegates are assigned to mock cities where, divided into the “Federalist Party” and “Nationalist Party,” they are immersed into learning about the political process and the program’s nonpartisan government. On Wednesday morning delegates will hold Party Rallies presenting their party, candidates, and party platform to the entire group. The Federalist part is represented by the color yellow and the Nationalist Party is represented by the color blue. Parties are encouraged to wear their party colors to this event, pick themes for their presentation and wear costumes or perform skits as part of this. All items must be brought with the delegates to session as there will be no opportunities to leave campus for supplies. 


To celebrate the close of an amazing week and honor our newly elected ALA NM Girls State Governor and Lieutenant Governor an Inaugural Banquet will be had Thursday evening. Delegates are encouraged to dress up and even get another use out of their prom dresses if they would like (see Dress Code SA). The choir performs, speeches are given from our past and present Governor and Lt. Governor and a candlelight ceremony remembering our experiences for the week is conducted. 

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