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City Government

City Government

ALA NM Girls State is a weeklong experience, which lasts a lifetime. Sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, this program teaches you the rights and responsibilities of American citizenship through a program of participation. At ALA NM Girls State you will become an active member of a mythical city, county, and political party. As such, you will vote in three elections – City, County and State, in which you may run for office, and you will actively participate in the government of your City, County, State, and party. In a week’s time, you will see most of the responsibilities of these offices executed.

Every ALA NM Girls State Citizen will have the opportunity to run for any office she wishes by simply filing a petition for candidacy. This provides each citizen the opportunity to run for the office she feels most qualified to fill and most interested in executing. For this reason these pages explaining the duties of each office are extremely important to you because you may determine the office you wish to run for before ALA NM Girls State begins. Bear in mind that you may run for a City and a County office or for City and State office, but not for a County and State office. It may be best to select two or three offices you’re interested in so that you can react objectively to the competition for these particular offices.

ALA NM Girls State begins with city government in action. By Monday afternoon all City Officials will be elected and by Monday night all City appointments will be made. Tuesday the County and State Primary Elections will be under way, and the County and Party Conventions will give each candidate an opportunity to speak. By bedtime Tuesday night the County and State Primary Election results will be in. Wednesday the Nationalist and Federalist Parties will be vying for top honors in the General Election, and by Wednesday all State and County Officials will be elected.

With the State of Officials completed, ALA NM Girls State will then begin the important work of government in action on all levels. Everyone may participate either as an elected or as an appointed Official. The enthusiasm you put in will determine how much you will get out of ALA NM Girls State. No ALA NM Girls State Citizen ever loses more than one election if she keeps up her enthusiasm and participates fully in all activities.

Acquaint yourself with the jobs of each of the Officials listed, and come to ALA NM Girls State prepared to participate completely. A copy of this document will be provided at session but you can also click here to download

Elected Officials

MAYOR – The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the City Government at ALA NM Girls State. She presides over all meetings of the City Council, and may vote only in case of a tie. She supervises the work of appointed officers and prepares the agenda of business for the council. She is responsible for the performance of city functions, such as formulation of the city seal, cheers, flag, song and For God & Country presentation. She represents her city at the Mayors' Conference. The Mayor, like all City Officials, has the special function of encouraging city unity and enthusiasm and promoting happiness in her city. She supervises that all city reports are completed during the week and that the full city packet is returned to the Government Counselor. 

CITY COUNCILWOMEN (4) – The Councilwomen form the legislative body of City Government. They enact ordinances and adopt resolutions, which may be presented by any citizen. The Councilwomen examine and approve the budget of the City Treasurer and make City Appointments.

CITY CLERK – The City Clerk holds and keeps the official record of the City. She attends all meetings of the Council and keeps the minutes. She issues all municipal licenses and receives all petitions addressed to the Council. Her minute’s book must be completed and turned into the Government Counselor before leaving ALA NM Girls State.

CITY TREASURER – The treasurer is the custodian of municipal property and monies. She supervises all purchases and management of fund, disburses and receives monies, and maintains financial records. Since no money is actually collected or disbursed at ALA NM Girls State, the Treasurer’s biggest responsibility is preparing the budget for presentation to the City Council. A copy should be presented to the City Clerk.

MUNICIPAL JUDGE – The Municipal Judge presides over the Municipal Court. This court’s jurisdiction is over offenses and complaints arising under ordinances of each City or Town. Breaches of the peace, disorderly conduct, and traffic violations are the principal offenses tried in this court. Complaints against persons in this court will ordinarily be issued by and in the name of the City as plaintiff, and the action will be prosecuted in the court without a jury. Due to time constraints a municipal court trial will not normally be held. This will be upon each city government counselor's discretion.

Appointed Positions

CITY ATTORNEY – This Official represents the City as plaintiff in Municipal courts. Due to time constraints a municipal court trial will not normally be held. This will be upon each city government counselor's discretion.

FIRE CHIEF – This Official is responsible for the management and supervision of the Fire Department. She enforces the City’s fire and safety laws. At ALA NM Girls State she should be certain the City observes the smoking rules and knows drill procedures. She will also create a fire evacuation plan for both city room and dorms.

POLICE CHIEF – This Official is responsible for law enforcement, organization and supervision of the police force, management of the municipal jail, holding violators of ordinances or presenting them for trial, and recommending police measures to the Council. Since all ALA NM Girls State rules are automatically accepted as City ordinances, the Police Chief and Police Officers enforce these rules and other City ordinances. They may wish to establish traffic regulations on the City floor. This official also maintains order in meetings of the City Council, Municipal courts and evening gatherings.

POLICE OFFICER (2) – See Police Chief above.

CITY REPORTER – Writes and submits daily articles about experience at ALANMGS. She represents the local news gathering the current events that are occurring in the city and reporting them out to the community.

CITY PHOTOGRAPHER – This individual will take charge of the city camera and take pictures during city functions in dorms and city rooms. The city photographer works with the city reporter as the local news team to gather the current events occurring in their city. The ALA NM Girls State Media Team captures the week during general meetings and functions but city photographers will capture those moments in cities showing friendships being built and city work being completed.

SANITARY ENGINEER – This Official is responsible for the city sanitation facilities, such as sewage, rendering and prohibiting pollution of water and air. At ALA NM Girls State this Official will inspect the City periodically and submit ordinances to the City Council for continuing cleanliness of the City.

BUILDING INSPECTOR – Proper and safe facilities for City Government and City citizens are the responsibilities of this Official. At ALA NM Girls State this Official will inspect dormitory rooms, lounge and halls, for neatness and safety.

HEALTH AND RECREATION OFFICER – The City’s water supply, public health, hospitals and medical facilities, park and recreation areas are under the control of this Officer. At ALA NM Girls State this Official will report illness to the nurse and will work with the city counselor on nightly reflection and City recreation. She may even sponsor an exercise program.

MANAGER, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE – With the assistance of the Mayor this Official will be certain the City songs, cheers, flag and seal are ready for the Mayors' Conference. This Manager will publicize City activities and unique features through advertising.

ELECTION OFFICIALS (2) – Election officials serve as poll clerks and polling officials during city, primary and general elections. They ensure the voting is conducted without bias allowing for all individuals to place their votes. For the purpose of ALA NM Girls State election officials can be candidates for any office but the Governor, Lt. Governor, or Secretary of State.

FLAG GUARDS (2) - Individuals will join members from other cities to form Flag Guard and raise flag each morning and lower/fold flag each evening. Individuals that volunteer will perform duties all week. See activities during session for additional details. 



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