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Staff Information

Thank you to all the individuals that volunteer your time to run this great program and make it a success each and every year. We look forward to another great session and I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to spend with us for this busy week. 

In lieu of mailing out staff packets, everything will be available to you on this page. Please take some time to peruse the below details in preparation for session. Please don’t worry about printing out the handbooks or any of the non form paperwork as we are constantly working on improving the program and may have some small changes between now and session. We will provide you a final hard copy at staff orientation Saturday, June 1 at noon in the Eddy Hall building of Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, NM. Orientation will begin promptly at noon with a working lunch and snacks during our meeting and dinner to follow. 

Upon arrival please check in with the ALA NM Girls State office on the 3rd floor of Eddy Hall. We will give you room assignment details and approve you to get your keys from the ENMU staff.

  • Staff can arrive any time Saturday morning before orientation start at noon. If you would like to get your car unpacked and your room organized prior to orientation please plan your arrival accordingly to give yourself enough time to be in the Eddy Hall 1st floor lobby by noon.
  • If you arrive just in time for the meeting please note there will be time to unpack and organize your room following orientation and dinner on Saturday. 
  • If you need to arrive Friday or would like to assist with setup on Friday please contact the director at or 505-681-1635 for approval. Only those individuals approved by the director will be approved for early arrival on Friday.

As you look through everything please take time to complete the items in the “For Immediate Action” section as this has some pre-session items to be completed and returned.

For Immediate Action

Staff Shirts *UPDATED* All staff are required to wear an American Legion Auxiliary, ALA Girls State or ALA Girls Nation shirt during check-in (Sunday, June 2) and check-out (Friday, June 7) to be easily identifiable as staff to parents and visitors that will be on campus.

Shirts have been ordered at this time for those that completed the survey. If you would still like to make a shirt but didn't order one please contact the director at to discuss options. Otherwise please plan on arriving with a ALA, ALA Girls State or ALA Girls Nation shirt or borrow one from a friend to wear. 

Staff Survey PAST DUE – All staff must complete the staff survey and submit their pictures by April 19. This survey should take about 10 minutes. 

Staff Survey 2 (Prevously staff shirt signup) PAST DUE - Please complete this survey (previously the staff shirt signup with the survey questions on the end and on the paperwork list as "second survey". This has you tell us a short bio about yourself. You can complete the survey at Please do so no later than Sunday, May 5. 

Staff Pictures PAST DUE  All staff must send two photos of yourself to Director Alisha at Please get these emailed no later than Friday, April 19. After you've turned them in to me there's still work to be done with them in preparation for session so please make every effort to get them to me asap! The photos should be:

  1. Send a favorite photo of yourself. 
  2. Strike a power pose and send me the pic. Please have someone else take this picture. No selfies! Not sure what a power pose is? Google it!

Background Check(See staff list for specifics on background check.)

  • All staff born before June 1, 2001 must submit a background check to attend ALA NM Girls State once every two years. 
  • Anyone that has had a background check within the last 2 years from session (June 1, 2017) can turn that report in and forego being checked again. If you completed it online previously please send a note to the director so she can reference old reports. 

Please note this check is confidential as you the individual will submit your details online to the company (takes about 5-10 minutes) and then you will need to pay online directly to the company the $8 fee for processing. As director I will get notification that you submitted and can review the results within 24-48 hours with a pass/fail indicator, your personal details are not provided to me in the report. You will be required to provide details like SSN, Birth Date, Address and previous address (and timeframes for living at that location), and any aliases. I'd like to thank you all for complying with this policy for session as this helps us protect both the program and all attendees. Please make sure you get your background check in by May 26 at the latest. Make sure to check your background check status on the staff list prior to submitting online as you might not need to submit another check. To complete your check please got to

Please complete and
bring to Staff Orientation

Saturday, June 1
General Reference Information


Under 18:

Over 18:


Please take some time to review the  Bill/Resolution/Memorial information for this year's delegates. Delegates are required to complete a minimum word count to show their submission as "complete." As staff we are often called upon for questions and assistance so it is beneficial for us all to understand this format.

Dress Code

  • All staff are expected to set the example for our delegates as to appropriate wear during the week. 
  • All staff will participate in the For God and Country program on Monday. Not everyone will need to present but as a group we will stand together for this first presentation of morning flag. Staff need to bring dress code A for the presentation.
  • JCs will be presenting the colors Sunday and retiring the colors Friday. Please be prepared with a dress code A that also meets the requirements of dress code B. (Basically no capris or city shorts.)
  • The party colors are Nats: blue and Feds: yellow. All staff will be assigned to work with a party on Tuesday and Wednesday. Feel free to dress to match your party but this is not a requirement. You will find out your party assignments at orientation Saturday.
  • Staff will participate in a short party rally skit on Tuesday to introduce to delegates how to create their party rallies. The party colors are Red and Green. You are encouraged to bring a shirt or other clothing item in these colors to wear during the skit. You can change after. 

Packing List - Please note a few staff differences for packing. 

  • ​There are laundry facilities in the basement staff can use if necessary.
  • While delegates do use community bathrooms, staff have private bathrooms you will share with one other staff.
  • Cell phone policy does not apply to staff. Please have your cell phone on you at all times (if you have one).
  • ALA Girls State bag - if you have previously received a ALA NM Girls State bag and wish to use it during the week please make sure to bring them with you to session. 


Schedule at a Glance

Activities During Session

Keep up with ALA NM Girls State

ALA NM Girls State Store


Please note these are for reference only as we are working to update the handbooks. Copies will be given to you at orientation.

Government Counselors

Senior Counselors

Junior Counselors


Community Service Project - 

While practicing government we also will practice good citizenship during the week. Our Community Service Project this year will be making school supply packs for local NM Elementary schools. We hope to make 100 packs this year! If anyone is interested in bringing donations we are looking for:

• Hand Sanitizer
• Crayons – 24 count boxes
• Pencils – Ticonderoga brand, 24 ct
• Glue sticks – Elmer’s brand
• Fiskar Scissors – children’s point tip

• Crayola Markers
• Composition Notebooks
• Colored Pencils
• Spiral Notebook – Single subject, wide rule
• Rulers – Metric and Standard

Please note donations are not a requirement. Everyone will be participating in the service project - creating and giving instructions during the project. Details will be provided at session.

City Theme – Please don't start picking out your theme, purchasing items that are theme specific or creating items for your theme. The Director will be in contact with details on this year's theme and organize you to start working with your city team. Once the theme has been announced if you would like to start preparing your city decorations with your team feel free but know there will be limited time on Saturday night to create and decorate your city as well.

Staff List

As always staffing is currently in flux as we wait to see who is able to attend and if we can recruit more volunteers.
As individuals accept their position, staff names will be added.

Want to see who's been invited? Who's confirmed to attend?
If your paperwork has been received or if you still need to turn something in? Click the link here.

First Year JC (JC) These individuals will partner with JC2 and SC to run the cities. As a team you will work on completing tasks and enforcing any rules/discipline needed. You will guide delegates through the week using your own experiences from the year prior. Each JC will be in charge of leading songs/cheers during the week. Additional details provided at orientation.
Second Year JC (JC2) These individuals will partner with JC and SC to run the cities. As a team you will work on completing tasks and enforcing any rules/discipline needed. You will guide delegates through the week using your own experiences from the year prior. In addition as a second year JC you will partner with the SC to lead the city staff. This individual will work to implement government within the city as taught during assemblies. JC2 will each be given an extra project assignment during the week for them grow as leaders in the program. Additional details provided at orientation.
Senior Counselor (SC) These individuals (must be 21 or at the discretion of Director) will partner with JC and JC2 to run the cities. As a team you will work on completing tasks and enforcing any rules/discipline needed. You will bring your experiences about the American Legion Auxiliary and any government information to share with cities to offer a real world comparison to the tasks they complete during the week. In addition as a SC you will partner with the second year JC to lead the city staff. Additional details provided at orientation.​ 
Government (Gov) These individuals (must be 21 or at the discretion of Director) provide educational guidance for the government process during the week. This will be in cities, group presentations and other various meetings. More details at session but come prepared to speak in front of people. 
Media Team These individuals will work with delegates from each city that have been selected as the news reporters and city photographers. They will provide support to the cities for their cameras and work with the reporters to capture daily news reports. In addition this team will work with the Director/Asst Director to take pictures throughout the week, work to post messages to social media and the news reports, and work on the end of the week slideshow. These staff members will not be in a city but will work closely with the cities to capture the events of the week.
Store/Activities/Nurse/Office Staff These individuals will have tasks specific to their roles. In addition there will be tasks such as the service project, store, city scenarios and dorm inspections that will be managed by these staff members.


If you are looking to carpool to session please ask on our all staff group me chat. You will receive an invite shortly after accepting your invite to staff.



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