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State Government

State Government

ALA NM Girls State is a weeklong experience, which lasts a lifetime, sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, this program teaches you the rights and responsibilities of American citizenship by a program of participation. At ALA NM Girls State you will become an active member of a mythical city, county, and political party. As such, you will vote in three elections – City, County and State, in which you may run for office, and you will actively participate in the government of your City, County, State, and party. In a week’s time, you will see most of the responsibilities of these offices executed.

Every ALA NM Girls State Citizen will have the opportunity to run for any office she wishes by simply filing a petition for candidacy. This provides each citizen the opportunity to run for the office she feels most qualified to fill and most interested in executing. For this reason these pages explaining the duties of each office are extremely important to you because you may determine the office you wish to run for before ALA NM Girls State begins. Bear in mind that you may run for a City and a County office or for City and State office, but not for a County and State office. It may be best to select two or three offices you’re interested in so that you can react objectively to the competition for these particular offices.

ALA NM Girls State begins with city government in action. By Monday afternoon all City Officials will be elected and by Monday night all City appointments will be made. Tuesday the County and State Primary Elections will be under way, and the County and Party Conventions will give each candidate an opportunity to speak. By bedtime Tuesday night the County and State Primary Election results will be in. Wednesday the Nationalist and Federalist Parties will be vying for top honors in the General Election, and by Wednesday all State and County Officials will be elected.

With the State of Officials completed, ALA NM Girls State will then begin the important work of government in action on all levels. Everyone may participate either as an elected or as an appointed Official. The enthusiasm you put in will determine how much you will get out of ALA NM Girls State. No ALA NM Girls State Citizen ever loses more than one election if she keeps up her enthusiasm and participates fully in all activities.

Acquaint yourself with the jobs of each of the Officials listed, and come to ALA NM Girls State prepared to participate completely. A copy of this document will be provided at session but you can also click here to download

Elected Officials

GOVERNOR – The Governor is the Chief Executive Officer of the State. At ALA NM Girls State the Governor makes honorary state board and committee appointments, gives an Inaugural Address at the banquet, visits the legislative sessions, signs or vetoes passed legislation into law, and closes the session of ALA NM Girls State. The Governor represents ALA NM Girls State all year, at the American Legion Auxiliary State Convention (dates to be provided), and may be asked to speak at unit meetings during the year. She will also be required to return to ALA NM Girls State the following year as a Junior Counselor to guide future Governors (dates to be provided).

LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR – In case of death, impeachment, resignation, removal or other disability of the Governor, the powers and duties of the office shall be upon the Lt. Governor. The Lt. Governor shall be the President of the Senate, but shall vote only when the Senate is equally divided. At ALA NM Girls State the Lt. Governor will give an Inaugural Address at the banquet. She will also be required to return to ALA NM Girls State the following year as a Junior Counselor to guide future Lt. Governors (dates to be provided) and may be asked to attend the American Legion Auxiliary State Convention (dates to be provided).

SECRETARY OF STATE – Each special and regular session of the ALA NM Girls State House of Representatives must be opened by the Secretary of State where she presides unless other duties call her away. Laws passed and signed are compiled by the Secretary of State and sealed by her.

STATE AUDITOR – The primary function of the office is to see that the accounts of all the monies – County and State are correct and to inquire if there is an inconsistent figure. All State Officials and departments submit their vouchers to the State Auditor for payment. As a member of the State Board of Finance, the State Auditor is in joint custody, with the State Treasurer, of all the securities and funds of the State. At ALA NM Girls State the State Auditor will attend a State Finance Committee Meeting with the State Treasurer.

STATE TREASURER – All monies collected by the State Agencies are deposited with the State Treasurer. The State Auditor draws such funds only on warrants. At ALA NM Girls State the State Treasurer will attend a State Finance Committee Meeting with the State Auditor. 

ATTORNEY GENERAL – This Official is the head of the Department of Justice. She handles numerous cases in the District Courts, the State’s Supreme Courts and Federal Courts, and writes many opinions and advisory letters to State, County, and Department Officials. She examines and approves all bond transcripts of school districts, as well as building and improvement bonds, highway debentures, refunding bonds, sewer bonds, and courthouse and jail bonds. At ALA NM Girls State the Attorney General will review policies and render suggestions.

JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT (5) – The Supreme Court is the last resort, the highest court in the State, and all other courts are inferior to it. The Justices have equal power in deciding cases before the court and in making court rules. A majority (three) of the judges constitutes a quorum and can render a decision. At ALA NM Girls State the Supreme Court will review a case from the state and render a decision.

Party Conventions - State Official Elected from the Floor

During party convention meetings (Nationalist and Federalist party) the following positions will be elected from the floor. Anyone but Governor, Lt. Governor, or Secretary of State candidates can run for these positions even if running for a county or state elected office or if holding a city position.

PARTY CONVENTION CHAIRWOMAN – The State Party Convention Chairwoman presides at the Party Rally, and runs the Party Convention. She serves on the Party Executive Committee and the Campaign Committee on convention and campaign plans. She accompanies the candidate for Governor on the Whistle Stop Campaign.

PARTY CONVENTION CLERK – At the party convention and rally the Clerk takes official minutes, including detailed notes on the accepted platform. She is responsible for duplicating the platform for the party members and party candidates. A copy of the platform should be given to the Party Counselor and to the Counselors in charge of the House and the Senate. The Clerk serves on the Party Executive Committee and the Campaign Committee on convention and campaign plans. She accompanies the candidate for Lt. Governor on the Whistle Stop Campaign.

PARTY CONVENTION TREASURER – At the Party Convention the Treasurer will use a deck of cards or another means to determine the order of speakers from the State-Party caucuses. She serves on the Executive Committee and so participates in the preparation of campaign materials and plans for the party rally.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER – This will be a speaker for the Party Rally. The Speech will be based in the party platform and will work to inspire the young women of ALA NM Girls State to support your party, your candidates, and the ideals your party stand for. Try-outs for this position will be held.

APPOINTED PLATFORM COMMITTEE – Each Party Convention Chairwoman will appoint ten individuals to this committee, this should be the 5 members from each county party convention that were previously selected. Members of this committee should not be candidates for the top six State positions. During the Party Convention this committee of ten (five from each County) will draft the party platform. After the committee determines a basis for the platform they must present it to their party and vote to accept the platform for their party. Candidates must support this platform and later legislation will be based on the platform, so it should be thought out. A completed copy must be given to the Party Clerk and the Party Counselor. The committee should have a chairwoman who will report to her caucus and two clerks for careful recording of the committee report and any amendments from the Party Convention.



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