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Interested in attending ALA NM Girls State? Not sure where to start?

If you're interested in attending American Legion Auxiliary New Mexico Girls State and have made it here but not sure where to go here's the steps for registration. 

  1. Learn about our program and talk to you parents. Make sure that you qualify to attend and that ALA NM Girls State is a program that would be interesting to you. This is a week long program of study in leadership, government and Americanism. To learn more about the program select the "About ALA NM Girls State" link in the blue bar at the top of the page. Make sure you've talked to your parents and that the dates work in your schedule and they agree to you attending.
  2. Register for a username and password on our website. Select "Register" at the top right corner of the website. Go through the steps to create a user account and login. For in depth details on this process please click here
  3. Complete the Delegate Application. After logging in go to the delegate application by selecting "I want to attend! Sign me up!
    Registration now available!" located in a blue box at the bottom of the on the "About ALA NM Girls State" page. Complete the application saving as you go along. You can return at any time to complete the application if you don't want to fill out the form in one sitting just make sure to select "save draft".

    Notes to help during the delegate application.

- Delegate Photo - All delegates must submit a photo during registration for use during session. To add you picture to the form select "Choose File" and find the picture of your choosing on your device/computer. Then select upload to add the selected picture onto your form. Files must be less than 2 MB. Allowed file types: gif jpg png bmp tif pict txt rtf html pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx.

- Registration Fee - Delegate Application registration fee of $30 can be paid online via PayPal or via a check in the mail. Details on how to pay are listed at the bottom of the Delegates Application. If paying through PayPal please make sure to "save draft" on form prior to going to PayPal. You will need to then return to the form and complete the application and click submit. Paying on PayPal does not complete your application with the ALA NM Girls State website. These two forms are seperate pieces that must be completed.

  1. Confirm application submission and begin preparing for session. Upon completing your Delegate Application you will be sent an email confirmation from as well as being redirected to our online packet (Delegate Sesssion Information) at If you do not receive this email or are not redirected you have not fully completed the application process. Review the online packet, completing paperwork by the deadline, submitting forms and content as noted.
  2. Confirm your paperwork has been received. You can confirm your paperwork (medical form, media release, etc) have been received online at You must be logged into the website to view this information. This link is also listed on the online packet page. 
  3. Arrive at onsite ALA NM Girls State registration. Check-in is Sunday, June 2 from 10 am - 1 pm in the Eddy Hall dorm of ENMU (Portales, NM).

If questions or concerns arrive prior to session please contact us via the contact us link listed at the bottom of the website. 



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