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Students are provided meals by the ENMU cafeteria and additionally each city receives snacks to enjoy during the week. Students can purchase additional snacks/drinks from the ALANMGS Store located in the lobby of the dorm, open during recreation times and evening dorm times. In addition students can purchase coffee beverages from the ENMU snack bar located in the meeting building.

Students are not allowed to pickup or have any additional items delivered to them while at ALANMGS. If a student forgets an item they can check our ALANMGS store that has some personal items along with snacks. If a parent needs to have something delivered to a student during session please contact our Director at to discuss and make arrangements.

Snacks - Souvenirs - Personal Items

Clothing - T-Shirts, Wind Breakers, Sweat Shirts, Hoodie Sweat Shirts, Zipped Hoodie Sweat Shirts

$9.00 - $25.00

Souvenirs - Patches, Water Bottle, PopSocket, Key Chains

$6.00 - $10.00

Snacks - Water, Sodas, Candy Bars, Chips

$0.50 - $2.00

Personal Items - Flip Flops, Personal Hygiene Items, etc

$1.00 - $1.50

Campaign Supplies - Markers, Poster Board, Glue Sticks, etc

$0.50 - $2.00

Our clothing items are available in limited stock so individuals wanting to secure their ALANMGS branded items should preorder their favorites online and pickup at session on the first day! Additionally if you'd like to setup a prepaid tab prior to arrival you can do so on our online store today!

Start my online order
Store opening soon!

Cash and Credit Cards Accepted.

Receipts available via email.

Prepaid Tabs

Minimum of $10 for charge purchases. Prepaid tabs available. Students wanting to charge during the week but don't have a large enough purchase at the time can charge $10 up front and use this prepaid tab for selections during the week. Any student wanting a refund of their prepaid tab's remaining balance must come by the store Thursday/Friday to collect remaining funds. Any remaining tabs not collected by end of session Friday will be donated to help sponsor future young women attending ALANMGS.

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