Election Results are in!

Reagan Pennypacker, Cedar City Reporter Today, Cedar City received excellent election results. We, as a city, were pleased to hear such a strong group of young leaders would be representing our town and upholding our city motto: Sapientia et universali ambitio, or Wisdom, Ambition, and Blessings. We have great confidence in our mayor’s efficiency and capabilities to command our town with grace and poise. Our four City Councilwomen, who will assist the mayor in the selection of appointment-based positions, Alexis Torres, Chief City Councilwoman, Autumn Pearson, Melanie Alderette, and Grace Hendricks, are excited to uphold the honor associated with this position. City Clerk, Mariyah L

Twofold Tuesday!

Dana Thalmann, Pine City Reporter Day two of Girls State was quite a success--well, except for a few minor setbacks like the unexpected appearence of a lightning storm--and we managed to elect all of our officials. The mayor (yours truly!) along with the other electorial positions worked toegetherto create a budget, nominate committee members, and do other government type things. We also voted to create city rules and punishments and VERY enthusiastically enforced these rules with other delegates that dared disobey them! In addition to all of our city accomplishments, Pine City began to file and campaign for positions in both the upcoming county and state elections. We even singed

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