Frequently asked questions


Where is ALANMGS held?

ALA NM Girls State is held on the ENMU campus in Portales, NM. Students will stay in the Eddy Hall dorms, meetings held in the CUB, and meals in the cafeteria.

Who is eligible to attend ALANMGS?

To be eligible, young women must: - Have completed their junior year in high school and have at least one more semester remaining before graduation. - Be keenly interested in government and current events. - Have high moral character. - Show strong leadership abilities. - Demonstrate above-average scholastic achievement.

Why should young women attend ALANMGS?

Delegates to American Legion Auxiliary New Mexico Girls State have the opportunity to: - Apply for scholarships exclusively available to ALA NM Girls State attendees.​ ​ - Samsung American Legion Scholarship - Finalist awarded in New Mexico then will continue on to compete nationally for the opportunity to win a $10,000 scholarship. - ENMU Book Scholarship - Recipients awarded $500 book scholarship. - Earn college credits for attendance. - Hear from leaders around the state. - Learn leadership skills. - Participate in service projects for the community.

How many students can attend from each high school?

Two students from each high school are guaranteed a spot at ALA NM Girls State. If more great candidates from the school are interested in attending please contact the ALANMGS Office or Director to see if spots are available and sponsorship for the program fee is possible. Overall 125 students can attend ALANMGS each year.

Can home school and charter school students attend ALANMGS?

Of course! We encourage any young women in the New Mexico area that would be interested in attending ALANMGS to register to attend. Please make sure you meet the eligibility requirements especially that you have one more semester remaining of high school. Please contact the ALANMGS Office or Director to check for space and register.

What is the cost to attend ALA NM Girls State?

Overall the cost to send a student to ALANMGS is $230. This breaks down to: - $30 non-refundable registration fee that is the responsibility of the student. - $200 program fee that is raised by the American Legion Auxiliary Units across the state through fundraising and donations from local businesses. This $200 program fee sponsorship is only guaranteed for 2 students per high school. For a school to send additional students please contact the ALANMGS Office or Director.

We have more than 2 great candidates we want to send to ALANMGS from our high school Can they go?

Please contact the ALANMGS Office or Director via the contact us page. There are two key factors to accepting more from a school 1) do we have space 2) do we have funding for the program fee.

Can a school or community sponsor a student?

Please contact the ALANMGS Office or Director to see if space is available for the student, but if there is space then yes a school or community can sponsor additional students to attend at a program cost of $200.

Who makes the decision on who's attending and how do I know if I've been selected?

The school contact and local ALA Unit representatives will work together to determine eligibility and select their candidates to attend. They will direct these candidates to complete the online application. Once you have completed the application online and received the confirmation email with details to prepare for session your application is approved and you are scheduled to attend.

I registered to attend ALANMGS but now can't go, what do I do?

Please contact the director at to let her know you will not be attending. Please remember the $30 registration fee is non-refundable. Make every effort to let us know as early as possible that you will not be attending so we can make your spot available to another great candidate. If you notify us you will not be attending ALANMGS less than 48 hours in advance or you no show to registration you will be responsible to pay back the $200 program fee.

I want to attend but have a conflict during the week. Can I still go to ALANMGS?

Students attending ALANMGS must attend the entire week to be eligible to receive the college credits and claim attendance to ALANMGS. - Students that need late arrival or early dismissal must request permission from the Director prior to arrival at check-in. Requests will be approved/denied on a case by case basis. Typically this entails an hour or two late on Sunday or early on Friday. - Students cannot leave the ALANMGS program once checked in on Sunday until check-out Friday unless they choose to forfeit their attendance at ALANMGS. These students will be ineligble for any college credits or scholarships offered to participants. - Students that leave the program early and forfeit their attendance will be required to pay back the $200 program cost prior to leaving the program.

I attend high school in another state. Can I attend ALA NM Girls State?

We encourage students to attend the ALA Girls State program in their state as each program is modeled after their local form of government. To find the program in your state please visit Some programs are full unfortunately and in rare instances we do work with Directors of other states ALA Girls State programs to accept their attendance to ALA New Mexico Girls State. Out of State acceptance to ALANMGS will be on a case-by-case basis decided by the Director and board. Please contact the director at prior to the student registering.

Are there any restrictions or details we need to know for an out of state student?

- Program Fee - Out of state students that have spoken to the Director and been approved to attend ALANMGS must be aware that they are required to find sponsors to attend ALANMGS. Whether their local ALA (other state), donations or business sponsorships. The cost for an out of state student sponsorship is $200 plus the registration fee of $30. - ALA Girls Nation - Students that attend from out of state will not be eligible to apply for ALA Girls Nation as these senators represent the New Mexican ALANMGS in Washington DC.

Are there any resources available to promote the ALANMGS program?

Yes! We currently have available: Website: Facebook: Promotional Video: Poster:

I'm a young man interested in attending a program like ALANMGS is there something like this program for me?

Young men are encouraged to attend the American Legion Boys State program. TAL Boys State will be held May 26 – May 31, 2019 at the ENMU campus. Please visit for additional information.

College Credits

How many credit hours do I receive for attending ALA NM Girls State and what's the course code?

Students who complete the requirements during ALA NM Girls State will receive 3 college credit hours. The credits are awarded for the course EDF 268 Education and the Political Process.

How much do the college credits cost?

Attendees to ALA NM Girls State are awarded the college credits free of charge from Eastern New Mexico University upon successfully completing the program requirements.

What are the requirements to receive the college credits?

Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to receive the credits: - Participate in and complete the entire American Legion Auxiliary New Mexico Girls State session. - Register with ENMU following presentation from ENMU representative during session. - Complete Bill/Resolution/Memorial Project - Create a report on experiences during session. Details will be provided during session to complete report during session.

Are the college credits transferrable?

The credit hours are fully transferrable to any college, university, etc.

How do I transfer the college credits?

To transfer your college credits please contact the ENMU registrars office to request a transcript.


When can students begin registering for ALANMGS?

Registration opens each year for session around February. We will post on the main page when registration is available.

When is the cut off date for registration?

Students can register up until the Sunday prior to session. Anyone after that point that is interested please contact the director at to ensure we have space and can expedite the registration process.

How do I verify my registration went through and what do I do next?

Upon completion of the ALANMGS delegate application to session you will receive a confirmation email stating your application has been received and directing you to the online packet to prepare for session. Additionally onscreen you will be redirected to that page after hitting submit. This online packet can be found at

I mailed/faxed/emailed my paperwork. How can I make sure you received it?

All attempts to process paperwork in a timely manner will be made. To check if your paperwork was received please go to where verification of paperwork status will be listed.