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Monday Reflections

Kacie Morelos

They don’t lie when they say this week is going to be intensive. Today felt like 2, no 3 days all rolled into one. So many activities, so many goals and things to do. Starting with the “For God and Country” Ceremony, we put our teamwork to the test and cheered as loudly as we could, but it clearly wasn’t loud enough, we got last place. This, however, only encouraged us to try even harder next time. After breakfast we took part in the Smartie Trivia Competition. You wouldn’t believe how handy random facts and knowledge are when you’re all fighting for candy. And, by some miracle, we actually won! Yay! Are you proud mom? Anyway, after that whole lesson about not giving up and triumph, we moved on to our presentations.

Presentations in the Ball Room are truly moving. They really reach the heart and make you tear up, which is really saying something because I only have ever cried during animal death scenes. One particular presentation that really taught me a lot and got me all teary eyed was the Poppy Presentation, overall it was amazing and gave the history about the symbolism behind the popular flower, the Poppy. Did you know the poppy represents and Hope, renewal, and sacrifice? Yeah, I didn’t either, at least not until this moving presentation showed me so much I didn’t know about war and the beautiful terror behind it. Another one of the presentations was the American Flag History presentation. There’s so much thought and detail that went into the American Flag, and clearly so much history. There’s even a special way to fold said flag, theres 13 steps and each stands for a value or a symbol. Before this, patriotism wasn’t really a big subject that was really mentioned or mattered much in my life, but already this program and series of presentations have changed my outlook and perception of the sacrifice that is given by people that fight for our freedom daily.

Theres honestly so much we did today, from speech giving, to voting and city ordinances. We did it all, in only one day.  This week has already been worth it.


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