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Wednesday Report

Day 4 of ALANMGS

Party Rallies today!! As part of the Nationalist party, we decided to have. a boxing match of our candidates fighting the issues we are struggling with which are Veterans Affairs which should give veterans easier access to healthcare, Education which should give higher pay to teachers so they can invest in the future generations better. Lastly Public Health and Saftey by increasing the number of nurses as New Mexico lacks and provide more educational and training programs for our State Law Enforcement. The candidates on the Federalist were great! On behalf of the delegates, we can all agree that the election experiences have taught us all the importance on voting for our candidates to improve the state. The importance on volunteering is not only giving yourself a good pat on the back, but you are helping someone else have a better life or simply a hand to get back up. Many people appreciate the volunteers for their countless hours of helping their community. My impressions of the community forum today were very interesting. It’s great to hear two different views of a topic. The Mayor’s Conference was the highlight of our day. Pine City means the world to me, not only are we a group of beautiful young ladies, but we also strive for excellence as we have a Lt. Governor and 2 finalist for ALA Girl’s Nation! What I learned about the American Legion Auxiliary is the group is actually ran by strong women who come from Veterans families. The Parli Pro is a system used in a session as a way to properly address bills and address the governor correctly. I believe it is important because it keeps order in the session without a chaos of everyone trying to input their opinion or completely ignore the governor and make their own decisions.

“Remember the difference between a boss and a leader ; a boss says “Go!” a leader says “Let’s Go!” ”    - E.M. Kelly

Melissa Reyna Pine City Reporter


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