I’m a Nut


I’m a acorn, small and round
Lying on the cold, hard ground
Everybody stomps on me
That is why I’m cracked you see,

{Chorus}: I’m a nut (clap clap) I’m a nut (clap clap) I’m crazy!

Called myself up on the phone
Just to see if I was home
Asked myself out on a date
Said be ready by half past 8 {Chorus}

Took myself to the picture show
Sat myself in the very first row
Wrapped my arms around my waist
Got so fresh I slapped my face {Chorus}

Bought some roses at the store
Told myself I wanted more
That’s why I broke up with me
Now I’m a nut that is so free {Chorus}

I can sing and I can dance
I wear ruffles on my
Whoops boys take another guess
I wear ruffles on my dress {Chorus}

Coca-Cola went to town
Pepsi-Cola shot him down
Dr. Pepper fixed him up
Now we all drink 7-up {Chorus}

7-up got the flu
Now we all drink Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew went to a shrink
Now we all drink from the sink {Chorus}

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