The Princess Pat


The Princess Pat,
Lived in a tree,
She sailed across,
The seven seas,
She sailed across,
The Channel too,
And she took with her a Rigabamboo.

A Rigabamboo,
Now what is that?
It’s something made,
By the Princess Pat,
It’s red and gold,
And purple too,
That’s why it’s called,
A Rigabamboo.
Now Captain Jack,
Had a mighty fine crew,
He sailed across,
The Channel Too,
But his ship sank,
And yours will too,
If you don’t take, A Rigabamboo. {Chorus}

Now Captain Kirk,
He was no jerk,
And Mr. Spock,
He was no jock,
But their ship flew,
And yours will too,
If you just take a Rigabamboo. {Chorus}

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