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Thursday Report

Aisis Hernandez Cedar city

I felt the tears stinging my eyes all throughout today. A bittersweet mix of tears.

Some I cried and some I tried very hard not too. It was our last night together, and I wouldn't be surprised if I cry writing this now. I can hear my city laughing and joking right outside my door. And I can tell you it is an extremely comforting chaotic mix of wheezing and screeching, in the best way possible of course, but sitting through the banquet I remembered tonight was my last chance to hear all of the lovely girls I have fallen in love with, screeching together. Besides my realizing how much I will miss this week; I was overwhelmed with pride and even more love for not only my wonderful overlooked state, but my country as well. This beautiful land that so many people have lost and died for. This country that I love so much. I felt burdened thinking about the kids at home, and the way they detest patriotism. But then I was surrounded with the best girls New Mexico had to offer, men and women who would never take our God given freedoms, because they realize that these freedoms were earned, just like I did.

Tonight we laughed, we cried, and we celebrated our new governor, each other, our beautiful state, and our ravishing refined Country and the people who sacrificed and suffered for it. God bless America.


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