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Tuesday Updates

Cedar City – Tuesday – Reporter: Unknown Tuesday we met in our parties and counties and learned about two party system. We elected our party candidates, created a platform and ended the night with some talent show fun!


Cactus City – Tuesday – Reporter: Danika Fuselier We got to get up a bit later today and meet up for city meeting then left for breakfast. The met as Federalists and Nationalist. We decided on positions then voted on primaries. Then the parties platform committee left to discuss the issues. When we returned we broke up into several different committees. At dinner we sat with our communities and discussed what bills should be passed and what shouldn’t be passed. After lunch we broke back into our cities.

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Thursday Updates

Cedar City – Thursday – Reporter: Unknown Thursday was a day of reflection for Cedar City. We started the day hearing from the Girls Nation candidates. Next we had the privilege of being taught Parl

Wednesday Updates

Cedar City – Wednesday – Reporter: Unknown Wednesday was all about spirit! We participated in our city and party rallies. City slayed everyone with our awesomeness. We supported our Girls Nation sis

Monday Updates

Pine City – Day 1 at Girls State – Reporter: Sydney Olivas Today during our city meetings we appointed people to their jobs. We came up with rules for our city. We started working on our flag, seal


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