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First Day

First Day of ALANMGS

My expectations for the week is getting a better understanding of how the state government works. I was nervous when I arrived, but the program has many great reviews that the nervousness turned into excitement. I hope to build myself as a better person by becoming more confident and standing for what I believe in. What I’m most excited to learn this week is how bills/resolutions/memorial projects are passed, I wonder what great idea will be the winner! Meeting new people from my city and others was a great experience, everyone is so friendly, maybe because the sweetest and greatest people are the future leaders of not only New Mexico, but the whole world! Pine City’s scenario is Health Advisory ; Quarantine In Effect! which means our water supply is unsafe to drink. Pine City plans to resolve our problem are to find the source of the contamination and offer many ways to supply the city with safe drinkable water.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, You Are A Leader!” - John Quincy Adams

Melissa Reyna Pine City Reporter


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