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Sunday Reflections

Surprisingly, this week has started off pretty well. Even though it’s still only the first day, I already care about others around me. People in my city, Spruce City that is, are extremely likable and caring. We’re all new to this, so we find comfort in one another and that makes a bond that is almost unbreakable. I truthfully expected stuck up, rude and obnoxious girls to roam these halls. That was the main reason why I almost decided not to come here. Boy am I glad I gave this place a chance. I expect for us to grow and learn with one another through the week, even if its something as simple as learning each other’s names and faces. The amazing opportunities here are almost limitless. Theres something to make everyone happy here; art projects, socializing, and even ice cream! I hope to find other ways to find happiness.

Being a very shy person, I’m not the easiest to hold conversation with. I hope to finally burst free of my own limitations, and actually talk to others, maybe even make a lifelong friend. The other girls here are all very sweet and understanding. At tonight’s nightly reflections, one of my fellow citizens expressed her happiness in one of the nicest ways possible, she said she loved all of us. After just one day! And I truthfully believe this wasn’t an exaggeration. Even our Junior Counselors are amazingly sweet and extremely helpful and understanding. They truthfully care for us and notice when some of us are kind of out of it, or just don’t feel very engaged. They help us and encourage us to step up, and make our voice heard. I’m most excited to see who wins the first voting campaign tomorrow, I’d never think I’d do this, but I'm running in this one, as a candidate for a position among the City Counsel Women. This first day has been great, an already life changing experience that has encouraged me to be like a dog at a park, leaving their mark everywhere they go.

Signing off for today,

Kacie Morelos


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