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Tuesday Reflections

In the past few busy days that I’ve been here, I’ve done so much. Never before have I done 3 speeches in three days, and miraculously while doing this third speech for my campaign for election to the House of Representatives, the fear I felt before gradually faded away. Fear that everyone was just ignoring me and no one cared, or even worse they cared too much and were criticizing every word I said, it all kinda left my body. When I looked out into the crowd I saw nothing but gleaming eyes, attentive postures, and caring expressions. They helped me. People I’ve only known for a few days, at best, helped me. That’s an amazing experience to me because I’ve always seen girls as more trouble than their friendship is worth. But meeting such amazing ladies that help me every step I take in a better direction has completely changed my perspective on an entire gender.

The talent show was another inspiration for me, every person that walked out onto that stage took the time and effort to make something of themselves in that moment. They displayed amazing qualities such as intense and intricate dances that didn’t involve instrumental music, but rather music they made with their movements. Another girl walked up and sang an amazing and empowering song that reflects many of our thoughts about loneliness and growing out of people. Others made skits that had no real meaning but still made us laugh, and the final act was something that’ll probably stick with me for all eternity.

Finally, the last thing we learned about today was the tradition and origins of “Whistlestop Campaigning.” Whistlestop is a part of the electoral process here at Girl’s State that helps citizens decide on which Governor candidate is the best choice for their needs and wants, this campaigning technique also has relevancy in the real world and has even been used for our most recent election. Today, we learned that Whistlestop Campaigning was used as the best form for getting ideas out to the public before television existed. Candidates went around hopping trains from town to town, spreading their ideas and message as they went as efficiently as possible.

Unfortunately, it's getting kind of late, so I’ll have to end Spruce City’s daily report here for today. Signing off for now,

Kacie Morelos


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