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Tuesday Report

Aisis Hernandez Cedar City

The girls at ALA continue to amaze and really inspire me. Today we were separated into our parties and it was absolutely fantastic to be able to finally collaborate with a larger variety of girls. They all had such impactful, original ideas that they felt strongly about. And although hectic and stressful at times we were able to come together as the federalist party and ultimately lift each other up and figure everything out together, something we were proud of, and all more or less agreed on. I was especially in love with our platform. It was fairly easy to decide our main concerns.

Education was at the top of the list for most of the delegates, and that was easily transferable to our Platform Committee. The platform committee was by far my favorite part of the day, the girls I worked with in that committee were beyond bright, and so well spoken.   Even more importantly they were passionate in such a way that the energy and vibe of the committee was almost electrifying. We were all very knowledgeable about everything we discussed; the ideas were solid and easily backed up it was another amazing opportunity to be reminded of all the real potential and exceedingly awesome minds we so often forget that belong to New Mexico.

Our decisions for our party platform are truly amazing ideas that would significantly honor and improve the state we all care so much for, because it is our home and always will be.

One of the girls mentioned that our youth was only approximately 38% of our population, but 100% of our future; and if there are even a few more kids in this state like the ones I have gotten the privilege to work closely with all day, I am extremely excited for the future.


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