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Wednesday Cactus Report

Samantha Davis Cactus City

Today, on the 4th day of attending ALA Girls State the Nationalist and Federalist parties performed their rallies to help their campaigns and allow the state positions to obtain votes from members of the other party. After the rallies , the candidates for governor and lieutenant governor participated in whistle stop campaigning to answer a variety of questions which all four cities had prepared the night before. Following the agenda, the delegates participated in service projects which included making birthday cards, blankets, and children's games. Mayors gathered their citizens to prepare them for the annual mayors conference. Each city put on a humorous which presented the flag, seal, songs, and cheer for the city. After the mayors conference, election results were announced, starting with county positions, leading to lieutenant governor and governor (congratulations to Jocelyn Debonis, our new lieutenant governor and Trinity Shipley, our new governor)

We ended the night with daily city reflections, then our city planned our ceremony for Thursday morning.


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