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Wednesday Reflections

Kacie Morelos ALA NM Girl’s State Reflection

Today was a slower day, which isn’t a complaint, because we honestly needed one of those. But we had so much fun, Party Rallies, Mayor Conference, and Whistlestop Campaign. Were all so fun and a great experience to go through. Party Rallies were basically shows to encourage candidates to vote for your party and get them interested in your ideas and values. Mayors Conference was a display of a City’s hard work and what they had accomplished as a team, city and family. Both “Shows” were fun and interesting, and overall fun.

The Community Forum was an opportunity for our voices and opinions to be heard. Everyone had an opinion and was intently listening to everyone that spoke their opinions. It was amazing, seeing a room full of smart and respecting women, truly a good experience. We discussed topics ranging from internet issues to real laws that were repealed. We also did some charity work, decorating cards for children and making blankets for the homeless. It was amazing, and so enlightening.

Lastly, today we learned about Parli Pro, or Parliament Procedure, an efficient and professional form of communication that can be used during discussions and debates that get the jobs done. Today we did so much good, and learned so much. I’m truly proud.


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