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Wednesday Report

Aisis Hernandez Cedar City article

Party Rallies were held today; and this was my first chance to hear from the opposing candidates and even the real passions of my own candidates, both who had even been in my city! The Party Rallies were hilariously fun and a great way to get everyone involved, although a tad hectic, with no time to practice today, the pros heavily overpowered the cons. The best part I felt was getting to hear the Lt. Governor and Governor candidates speeches. We really, really got to see what they felt most passionate about, and their own specific qualities; because even though our Platform Committee was able to come up with ideas and broad topics we wanted our Party to stand for we hadn’t gotten the chance to hear exactly what they wanted to say. And I was thrilled about most of the ideas and I believe most of the delegates felt the same. I also loved that the two parties had similar ideas, because that means there are huge problems in New Mexico that all of these bright women are noticing and trying hard to come up with solutions that will last.


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