Go Pine!

Last Day of ALANMGS Wow! I can’t believe we are all going our separate ways. But I know each and every one of us will go back home and show our community what strong, powerful women we are and have become by this week. My favorite memory of the week was the Mayor’s Conference because not only did we get to meet each city, we got to see the city’s personalities as one and that was beautiful. What I learned this week was no one has the power to control what you want to do but yourself. You, yourself, are the worst barrier you can have. Fight and Dream for what you want! I plan to become an active citizen in my community by taking charge of my AFJROTC program and show them the leadersh

Cactus City Final Report

Brooke Fleming Cactus city Today, Friday June 8th, ALA Girls State comes to an end. My favorite memory of this week was the talent show. This event allowed us to laugh, be together, and let out some of the stress that had built up over the week. I have learned a lot about myself this week, for example, I learned that I love public speaking, although it may not be in the political world, it is a skill I did not know I had. I will take this experience back to my community and give the support I received here to all the girls in Raton and help them believe in themselves, just like this experience and all these wonderful ladies did for me.

Day 5

Jun. 7th, 2018 Day 5 of ALANMGS ALA Girls Nation Press Conference was a success. The Finalist were very confident in their answers and it was a great experience to have all of the city reporters act like actual reporters! The most interesting piece of legislation I heard today was adding a 10¢ tax on groceries for every plastic bag that is used. It will get more people to buy reusable bags. The Senate court was on fire with the debating and the constant changing of bills that needed a few more details to be perfect. My overall favorite guest of the week was today’s guest as she helped with the oath of offices which was an interesting and fun path to take part of! My impressions of t

Thursday Report

Aisis Hernandez Cedar city I felt the tears stinging my eyes all throughout today. A bittersweet mix of tears. Some I cried and some I tried very hard not too. It was our last night together, and I wouldn't be surprised if I cry writing this now. I can hear my city laughing and joking right outside my door. And I can tell you it is an extremely comforting chaotic mix of wheezing and screeching, in the best way possible of course, but sitting through the banquet I remembered tonight was my last chance to hear all of the lovely girls I have fallen in love with, screeching together. Besides my realizing how much I will miss this week; I was overwhelmed with pride and even more love for

Thursday Cactus Report

Today was the last full day of Girls State.We had a lot planned with state action day and had many experiences with both courts and session leading up to the glorious Girls State banquet. With all the delegates and staff dressed in their best we celebrated our wonderful week of learning and growth. We finished off the banquet with a candle ceremony and the performance fo the song America America sung by all the delegates. As the girls head back to their dorm for the final city meeting and night together, they began to reminisce the last moments had together. Samantha Davis, Cactus

Wednesday Report

Day 4 of ALANMGS Party Rallies today!! As part of the Nationalist party, we decided to have. a boxing match of our candidates fighting the issues we are struggling with which are Veterans Affairs which should give veterans easier access to healthcare, Education which should give higher pay to teachers so they can invest in the future generations better. Lastly Public Health and Saftey by increasing the number of nurses as New Mexico lacks and provide more educational and training programs for our State Law Enforcement. The candidates on the Federalist were great! On behalf of the delegates, we can all agree that the election experiences have taught us all the importance on voting fo

Wednesday Reflections

Kacie Morelos ALA NM Girl’s State Reflection Today was a slower day, which isn’t a complaint, because we honestly needed one of those. But we had so much fun, Party Rallies, Mayor Conference, and Whistlestop Campaign. Were all so fun and a great experience to go through. Party Rallies were basically shows to encourage candidates to vote for your party and get them interested in your ideas and values. Mayors Conference was a display of a City’s hard work and what they had accomplished as a team, city and family. Both “Shows” were fun and interesting, and overall fun. The Community Forum was an opportunity for our voices and opinions to be heard. Everyone had an opinion and was intentl

Wednesday Report

Aisis Hernandez Cedar City article Party Rallies were held today; and this was my first chance to hear from the opposing candidates and even the real passions of my own candidates, both who had even been in my city! The Party Rallies were hilariously fun and a great way to get everyone involved, although a tad hectic, with no time to practice today, the pros heavily overpowered the cons. The best part I felt was getting to hear the Lt. Governor and Governor candidates speeches. We really, really got to see what they felt most passionate about, and their own specific qualities; because even though our Platform Committee was able to come up with ideas and broad topics we wanted our Pa

Wednesday Cactus Report

Samantha Davis Cactus City Today, on the 4th day of attending ALA Girls State the Nationalist and Federalist parties performed their rallies to help their campaigns and allow the state positions to obtain votes from members of the other party. After the rallies , the candidates for governor and lieutenant governor participated in whistle stop campaigning to answer a variety of questions which all four cities had prepared the night before. Following the agenda, the delegates participated in service projects which included making birthday cards, blankets, and children's games. Mayors gathered their citizens to prepare them for the annual mayors conference. Each city put on a humorous

Day 3

Day 3 of ALANMGS Today I ran for State Senator. What I learned from the process is how there are times when you win by default and others have to compete to get what they want. The discussion of the legislation committees were very interesting to learn about. It not only gives the girls opportunities to meet other girls from different counties but gives people the chance to have their voice heard among people of their same party which in the end, turns into a HUGE support group. The Whistlestop campaign presentation was very interesting and it sounds like so much fun! I had no idea that our current president used the same campaign that started in the 1800s. My party of Nationalists

Tuesday Reflections

In the past few busy days that I’ve been here, I’ve done so much. Never before have I done 3 speeches in three days, and miraculously while doing this third speech for my campaign for election to the House of Representatives, the fear I felt before gradually faded away. Fear that everyone was just ignoring me and no one cared, or even worse they cared too much and were criticizing every word I said, it all kinda left my body. When I looked out into the crowd I saw nothing but gleaming eyes, attentive postures, and caring expressions. They helped me. People I’ve only known for a few days, at best, helped me. That’s an amazing experience to me because I’ve always seen girls as more tr

Tuesday Report

Aisis Hernandez Cedar City The girls at ALA continue to amaze and really inspire me. Today we were separated into our parties and it was absolutely fantastic to be able to finally collaborate with a larger variety of girls. They all had such impactful, original ideas that they felt strongly about. And although hectic and stressful at times we were able to come together as the federalist party and ultimately lift each other up and figure everything out together, something we were proud of, and all more or less agreed on. I was especially in love with our platform. It was fairly easy to decide our main concerns. Education was at the top of the list for most of the delegates, and that

Tuesday Cactus Report

Samantha Davis Cactus City Daily Report Started off rough as I was exhausted from staying up the night writing my campaign speech for district attorney. After the day began, we split into our counties (Washington and Lincoln). During the meetings we gave our speeches and listened to the speeches of the other girls. We soon realized there were many positions open due to a lack of candidates. The delegates who had no interest in running were persuaded by the counselors. The girls had to write last minute speeches, but it was worth it and they felt accomplished once they returned to the dorms. These wonderful ladies stepped out of their comfort zones and faced their fears by running fo

Day 2

As an AFJROTC cadet, I have great respect for our fallen servicemen and current servicemen. The Poppy Presentation gave me a deeper meaning of what exactly these young men went through during World War 1, World War 2, and The Vietnam War. My favorite city ordinance that I heard within my city was having a non-citizen of Pine City hop on one foot and shut one eye as they hang their campaigns. I believe ordinances are important because it brings it the personality of the city as a whole and it’s also a memory to remember in the near future. The most interesting topic I learned about the American Flag was the meaning between each fold. Community Forum was my FAVORITE part of the day,

Monday Reflections

Kacie Morelos They don’t lie when they say this week is going to be intensive. Today felt like 2, no 3 days all rolled into one. So many activities, so many goals and things to do. Starting with the “For God and Country” Ceremony, we put our teamwork to the test and cheered as loudly as we could, but it clearly wasn’t loud enough, we got last place. This, however, only encouraged us to try even harder next time. After breakfast we took part in the Smartie Trivia Competition. You wouldn’t believe how handy random facts and knowledge are when you’re all fighting for candy. And, by some miracle, we actually won! Yay! Are you proud mom? Anyway, after that whole lesson about not giving u

Monday Report

Aisis Hernandez Cedar City Report Today was a wonderfully long day and, not over for many of us. A lot of us will be up late tonight campaigning and writing speeches for tomorrow's elections. Including myself! I will probably be up writing this article and then a speech after this! I was moved to tears very early in the morning listening to the meaning of the flag and its importance to our country and the people who have sacrificed everything for it. I have always had a huge appreciation for our flag and a love for those stars and stripes. I was overwhelmed by emotions and pride was again during the Poppy presentation. I was just so honored to be in this country and have people who

It Began

The morning began with the city candidates giving their speeches. We started work and planning for the mayor's conference after. We went to a group meeting in the Cub. In this meeting we were told about the poppies of Flander's Fields. My impression of this ceremony was astonished and felt a sense of connection with the poppies. As the big group meeting they also explained ALA Girls Nation peaking the interest of a few girls wanting to participate. Then at the end of the meeting they announced city election results. After the results we were split back into our separate cities where we talked about ordinances. We brainstormed ideas about what we would have as ours that applied to o

First Day

First Day of ALANMGS My expectations for the week is getting a better understanding of how the state government works. I was nervous when I arrived, but the program has many great reviews that the nervousness turned into excitement. I hope to build myself as a better person by becoming more confident and standing for what I believe in. What I’m most excited to learn this week is how bills/resolutions/memorial projects are passed, I wonder what great idea will be the winner! Meeting new people from my city and others was a great experience, everyone is so friendly, maybe because the sweetest and greatest people are the future leaders of not only New Mexico, but the whole world! Pine

Sunday Reflections

Surprisingly, this week has started off pretty well. Even though it’s still only the first day, I already care about others around me. People in my city, Spruce City that is, are extremely likable and caring. We’re all new to this, so we find comfort in one another and that makes a bond that is almost unbreakable. I truthfully expected stuck up, rude and obnoxious girls to roam these halls. That was the main reason why I almost decided not to come here. Boy am I glad I gave this place a chance. I expect for us to grow and learn with one another through the week, even if its something as simple as learning each other’s names and faces. The amazing opportunities here are almost limitl

Sunday Report

Samantha Davis and Brooke Fleming Cactus City My first day was full of anxiety and new faces that I guarantee that I will remember forever. I came to ALA Girls State expecting a good experience when in fact I got something much more. I had gotten growth. I had stepped out of my comfort zone completely and I do not regret it. The experience of jumping into a shark tank, and learning something completely new is something that words cannot explain the importance of this growth. Sunday afternoon was an overall kickstart from nervousness and anxiety to excitement. I will go to bed with great expectations.

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