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Packing List

Here is a recommended packing list to use as you prepare for session. During check-in delegates are assigned a city, county, and party. Students from the same school are divided into different cities and will have the opportunity to get to know other students around the state. Delegates will be staying two to a room in ENMU dorms with twin beds, desks and a sink. Bathroom facilities are communal and shared between two rooms.  No linens (sheets, towels, pillows, etc) are provided with the rooms so students need to come prepared for this week of dorm life along with the proper clothing for the week listed on our dress code page.

Students are provided meals by the ENMU cafeteria and additionally each city receives snacks to enjoy during the week. Students can purchase additional snacks from the ALANMGS Store located in the lobby of the dorm, open during recreation times and evening dorm times. In addition students can purchase coffee beverages from the ENMU snack bar located in the meeting building during morning hours.


Students are not allowed to pickup or have any additional items delivered to them while at ALANMGS.

If a student forgets an item they can check our ALANMGS store that has some personal items along with snacks. If a parent needs to have something delivered to a student during session please contact our Director at to discuss and make arrangements.

Check-In Items

All items listed are required at the latest by check-in Sunday, June 11.

See details on deadlines and how to turn in your paperwork at the Be Prepared page.


Don't forget

your photo id!

In addition to the session documents above, all students must bring a photo id with them to check-in. This can be a state issued id, military id, or school id.

Personal Items

Personal Care Items

  • Toothbrush/toothpaste

  • Hair dryer, Curlers, Brush, etc

  • Sanitary supplies

  • Other toiletry articles



  • Twin sheets

  • Pillow/pillowcase

  • Blanket or sleeping bag


Shower Items

  • Towels/washcloths

  • Shower Shoes/Flip Flops (Rubber Soled)

  • Robe – Showers are community dorm style

  • Bath Soap, Shampoo, etc.


Hangers (there are none in dorms)


See the Dress Code for a full guide of approved clothes for the week and the Schedule at a Glance for reference on the specific dress code each day. There will be no opportunity for laundry during the week so please pack accordingly.

Make sure that you have:

  • Comfortable shoes, you will be doing a lot of walking

  • A week’s supply of underclothes/clothes

  • Light Jacket or Sweater – Nights and some of the meeting rooms can get cold

  • Nightwear – gown, pj or nightshirts and robe (delegates gather nightly for reflections and to hang out)

  • Day wear – Please see the Dress Code for a break down of what is acceptable. Most meetings will be Business Casual to Business Dress. This includes, khakis/dress slacks/skirts/dresses and polos/blouse. We will occasionally have jeans allowed for activities and those will be marked in the program and announced. Recreation time will have sports and activities available if you wish to participate so bring appropriate clothing.

  • A White Blouse & Black/Navy Blue Pant/Skirt required for your City’s assigned Flag ceremony, one time during the week. In addition volunteers will be called for the week to perform flag raising and lowering each day, this honor guard is required to wear White Blouse & Black/Navy Blue Pant/Skirt to perform these duties, two times a day all week. There will be opportunities for volunteers and the presenting city to change clothes if items are brought with them to meeting.

  • Dressy Dress will be appropriate for the Inaugural Banquet. Great time to wear your prom dress again.

  • Delegates will be participating in party rallies on Wednesday. At this time all party members are encouraged to wear their party colors (blue or yellow) or clothing appropriate to their party theme. Delegates will be assigned their party at registration so all delegates are encouraged to bring clothing in both blue and yellow so they are prepared. During this activity dress code is relaxed for t-shirts and costumes with time given after the rallies for delegates to change if necessary.


You will want to be comfortable, but you will also want to look your best for campaigning and for performing as Government Officials. We request you look your best when in scheduled meetings, particularly when we have guest speakers.

Suggested Items

Alarm clock
Small radio
Kleenex tissue

Bag - A bag is provided at check-in but if you would prefer your own please bring it. We spend most of the day away from the dorms with limited opportunity to return before the evenings. It is helpful to have a bag to carry items you may need during the week like paperwork, pen, notebook for writing, etc.

Campaign Material – this can be anything you may need to campaign as long as nothing is prepared ahead of your arrival at ALA NM Girls State. Please see the  Session Policies page for further details.

  • Pens/Markers

  • Tape

  • Colored Paper

Cell Phone (make sure to read the Cell Phone policy)
Money for ALANMGS Store or ENMU Coffee Shop

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