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Dress Code

American Legion Auxiliary New Mexico Girls State is a leadership program. Such structures as dress codes are designed to maintain the standing and integrity of the program, and to serve as a reminder to delegates of their role as leaders who are expected to hold to standards above the common and ordinary. All students and staff abide by this dress code during session.

Plan on at least one outfit for every day with a change for special activities.
There are five (5) categories in the Dress Code (A, B, C, D). There is a simplified schedule at a glance for more dress code details available online. A more in depth schedule will be distributed at check-in and will also list the appropriate dress for that particular activity.


You can always dress upwards in these categories as long as any specific requirements are met but never downwards (i.e. on a B activity you can wear A or B but not C or D, C activity you can wear A, B or C but not D)
Three additional categories have been broken out to give detail on the Inaugural Banquet, what is not allowed at ALA NM Girls State, and recommended foot wear.

Dress Code A

Flag Ceremony Uniform

Delegates are only required to wear once during the week for their cities assigned flag presentation. If student chooses to volunteer for Flag Honor Guard additional changes are recommended as they will wear this uniform for flag raising and lowering each day.


Cities and Volunteers can opt to change after ceremonies if clothes brought with them to meeting building.

See Activities During Session for more information on Flag Honor Guard.


  • Navy Blue or Black – Skirt, Pant, Capri or City Short

  • White – Blouse, Polo or Sweater (Must be all white top)

Dress Code B

Daily Meeting

Business/Business Casual Dress

This dress code will be the standard for the week. Please see the schedule at a glance for a quick summary of dress and activities.


  • Dress, Skirt, Pant (Dress pants, Slacks, Khaki – no cargo), Capri, or City Short (knee length)

  • Blouse, Polo, or Sweater

  • Dress Shoes, Sandals (decorative, leather, beaded, etc style) or Casual Slip on Shoe

  • No Jeans or Flip-Flops (Rubber Soled)

  • Be sure shoes are comfortable for walking.

  • Recommended to dress with summer layers. Some rooms are very air conditioned and some not.

Dress Code C

Special Activities

Nice Casual Dress

Two evening activities will allow for this more relaxed nice casual dress code, and will be noted on your schedule distributed at check-in. See the schedule at a glance for basic details now.


  • Jeans, Capri, City Short (knee length) or Casual Pants (i.e. Khakis or Slacks)

  • Polo or nice blouse

  • Casual Shoes (no Flip-Flops)

  • No holes rips, inappropriate slogans or logos will be acceptable in any clothing items.

  • Blue/Yellow Clothing item - Delegates will be participating in party rallies on Wednesday and encouraged to wear their party colors (blue or yellow) or clothing appropriate to their party theme. Parties are assigned at registration so all delegates are encouraged to bring clothing in both blue and yellow so they are prepared.

  • Costumes for Talent Show - Anyone interested in participating in talent show should bring any costumes, instruments, accessories that they need to perform. A piano and microphone are available.