2018 Session

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ENMU (Portales)

City Election Results
Lincoln County
Cedar City

Mayor Emma Harbison
Chief City Councilwoman Sabina Griebel
City Councilwoman Brianna Maes
City Councilwoman Evonne Boldt
City Councilwoman Mary Rivera
City Clerk Jaimey Fastnacht
City Treasurer Iris Romero
Municipal Judge Marisol Lozano

City Attorney Mackenzie Jordan
Fire Chief Jasmin Alcala
Police Chief Renee Catanach
Police Officer Alexis Apodaca
Police Officer Julianna Luna
Police Officer Hailey Armijo
City Reporter Aisis Hernandez
City Photographer Sierra Jewell
Sanitary Engineer Amaya Huskey
Building Inspector Serenity Barnes
Health & Recreation Officer Ashleigh Feldbusch
Homeland Security Director Jessica Miller
Sergeant-At-Arms Karla Rodarte
Assisant Sergeant-At-Arms Bailey Grady
Animal Control Officer Aryann Farano
Manager Chamber of Commerce Cailyn Marrujo

Election Official Sierra Jewell
Election Official Jasmin Alcala
Election Official Jessica Miller
Election Official Hailey Armijo

Spruce City

Mayor Micaelah Cabazal
Chief City Councilwoman Estefani Martinez-Colin
City Councilwoman Caitlin Britt
City Councilwoman Kacie Morelos
City Councilwoman Sierra Whitfield
City Clerk Jennifer Harned
City Treasurer Jennifer Johnson
Municipal Judge Kimberly Clayton

City Attorney Alanna Greenwell
Fire Chief Mykala Thomas
Police Chief Audrey Turner
Police Officer Katelynn Kenyon
Police Officer Lucia Martinez
City Reporter Kacie Morelos
City Photographer Alanna Greenwell
Sanitary Engineer VaNessa Isleib
Building Inspector Esperanza Salazar
Manager Chamber of Commerce Kaci Jarry

Election Official Bailey Means
Election Official Carmelita Sanchez
Election Official Mykala Thomas
Election Official VaNessa Isleib

Washington County
Cactus City

Mayor Paulina Burnside
Chief City Councilwoman Kendra Flores
City Councilwoman Haydee Andujo
City Councilwoman Nieves Pacheco
City Councilwoman Victoria Trujillo
City Clerk Yong Banks
City Treasurer Sheyenne Drake
Municipal Judge Melanie Jun

City Attorney Brianna Martinez
Fire Chief Paulina Burnside
Police Chief Raven Iverson
Police Officer Jennifer Chavez
Police Officer Lainey Fastnacht
City Reporter Brooke Fleming
City Photographer Samantha Davis
Building Inspector Chanel Hefter
Manager Chamber of Commerce Trinity Shipley

Election Official Samantha Davis
Election Official Kendra Flores
Election Official Yong Banks
Election Official Diana Guzman

Pine City

Mayor Chloe Brownell
Chief City Councilwoman Raquel Mendoza
City Councilwoman Leah Downey
City Councilwoman Preciosa America Chavez
City Councilwoman Torrie Padilla
City Clerk Catherine Goldblatt
City Treasurer Jaedan Marquez
Municipal Judge Isabel Tomingas

City Attorney Chriss Wright
Fire Chief Monique Tenorio
Police Chief Alea Stevenson
Police Officer Naomi Helsel
Police Officer Gabriella Carmona
City Reporter Melissa Reyna
City Photographer Isabel Tomingas
Sanitary Engineer TiAnna Olivas
Building Inspector Rowan Phlieger
Health & Recreation Officer Latricia Sanchez
Manager Chamber of Commerce Morgan Fortin

Election Official Catherine Goldblatt
Election Official Monique Tenorio
Election Official Alea Stevenson
Election Official Gabriella Carmona

County Election Results
Lincoln County

District Judge Bailey Means
District Attorney Mykala Thomas
Member State Board of Education Micaelah Cabazal
County Commissioner Nita Seciwa-Koons
County Clerk Lucia Martinez
County Treasurer No Candidate
County Sheriff Hailey Armijo

State Senator
Esperanza Salazar
Kaci Jarry
Jasmin Alcala
Ashleigh Feldbusch
Renee Catanach
Amaya Huskey
Jennifer Harned
Jaimey Fastnacht
Sierra Whitfield
Vanessa Trujillo

State Representative
Serenity Barnes
Aisis Hernandez
Kacie Morelos
Estefani Martinez-Colin
Kimberly Clayton
Sydney Foster

Lincoln County Nationalist Appointments

County Convention Chairman
Alanna Greenwell

County Convention Clerk
Sydney Foster

County Convention Treasurer
Amaya Huskey

County Party Platform Committee
Ashleigh Feldbusch
Evonne Boldt
Jasmin Alcala
Jennifer Johnson
Micaelah Cabazal

Lincoln County Federalist Appointments

Below appointments not recorded
County Convention Chairman
County Convention Clerk
County Convention Treasurer

Senate Appointments

President of Senate Joslyne DeBonis
Chaplain Jennifer Johnson
Chief Clerk Mackenzie Jordan
Enrolling Clerk Isabel Tomingas
Reading Clerk Morgan Fortin
Sergeant-At-Arms Julianna Luna
Page Catherine Goldblatt

Washington County

District Judge Leah Downey
District Attorney Samantha Davis
Member State Board of Education TiAnna Olivas
County Commissioner Monique Tenorio
County Clerk Keiko Yamamoto
County Treasurer Brooke Fleming
County Sheriff Alea Stevenson

State Senator
Brianna Martinez
Melissa Reyna
Paulina Burnside
Torrie Padilla
Nieves Pacheco

State Representative
Kendra Flores
Yong Banks
Naomi Helsel
Lainey Fastnacht
Victoria Trujillo

Washington County Nationalist Appointments

County Convention Chairman
Chloe Brownell

County Convention Clerk
Rowan Phlieger

County Convention Treasurer
Trinity Shipley

County Party Platform Committee
Brooke Fleming
Isabel Tomingas
Kendra Flores
Torrie Padilla
Yong Banks

Washington County Federalist Appointments

County Convention Chairman
Haydee Andujo

County Convention Clerk
Catherine Goldblatt

County Convention Treasurer
Brianna Martinez

County Party Platform Committee
Paulina Burnside
Lainey Fastnacht
Victoria Trujillo
Samantha Davis
Brianna Martinez

House of Representatives Appointments

Speaker of the House Katelynn Kenyon
Leader of the House Serenity Barnes
Majority Whip Kimberly Clayton
Minority Leader VaNessa Isleib
Minority Whip Lainey Fastnacht
Chaplain Aisis Hernandez
Chief Clerk Rowan Phlieger
Enrolling Clerk Chriss Wright
Sergeant-At-Arms Raven Iverson
Page Yong Banks

District Courts

Elected Officials

District Attorney

Mykala Thomas
Samantha Davis

District Judge

Bailey Means
Leah Downey

County Sheriff

Alea Stevenson
Hailey Armijo

Appointed Officials

Defense Attorney

Bailey Grady
Abigail Miller


Emma Harbison

Court Reporter

Alea Stevenson


Breanna Widner
Diana Guzman
Jennifer Johnson
Sierra Jewell


Cailyn Marrujo
Caitlin Britt
Gabriella Carmona
Iris Romero
Jennifer Chavez
Krista Baltes
Preciosa America Chavez
Raquel Mendoza
Sabina Griebel

State Election Results

Governor Trinity Shipley (R)

State Treasurer Krista Baltes

Lt. Governor Joslyne DeBonis (L)

Attorney General Melanie Jun

Secretary of State Sheyenne Drake

State Auditor Raquel Mendoza

Justices of the Supreme Court
Chief Justice Brianna Maes
Haydee Andujo, Karla Rodarte, Mary Rivera, Marisol Lozano

Governor's Cabinet and Board Appointments

Chief of Staff, Governor's Office Alanna Greenwell

Secretary of African American Affairs _Lucia Lopez Secretary of Aging and Long-Term Services _Evonne Boldt Secretary of Agriculture _Alyssa Wood
Secretary of Children, Youth & Families _Breanna Widner Secretary of Corrections _Ravon Iverson
Secretary of Cultural Affairs Preciosa America Chavez Secretary of Economic Development _Rowan Phlieger Secretary of Higher Education _Iris Romero
Secretary of Public Education _Jaedan Marquez
Secretary of Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources _Jennifer Chavez Secretary of the Environment _Jessica Miller
Secretary of Finance & Administration _Jasmine Dixon
Secretary of General Services Leah Downey
Secretary of Health _Aryanna Farano
Secretary of Human Services Katelynn Kenyon
Secretary of Homeland Security & Emergency Management _Chriss Wright Secretary of Indian Affairs _Vanessa Isleib
Secretary of Information Technology _Cailyn Marujo Secretary of Public Safety _Carmelita Sanchez Secretary of Taxation & Revenue _Chanel Heifter Secretary of Tourism _Chloe Brownell
Secretary of Transportation _Emma Harbison Secretary of Veteran Affairs _Alexis Apodaca Secretary of Work Force Solutions _Morgan Fortin

Acequia Commission Gabriella Carmona _ Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists _Jasmine Dixon
Board of Directors of the National Hispanic Cultural Center of NM _Nita Seciwa-Kions Board of Examiners for Architects Julianna Luna
Board of Nursing Sierra Jewell
Board of Pharmacy _Bailey Grady
Board of Regents for ENMU _Catherine Goldblatt
Board of Regents for New Mexico Highlands University _Isabel Tomingas
Board of Regents for NM Institute of Mining and Technology_Latricia Sanchez Board of Regents for NM Military Institute _Jennifer Johnson
Board of Regents for NM State University _Hailey Armijo Board of Regents for Northern NM College _Samantha Davis Board of Regents for UNM _Audrey Turner
Board of Regents for Western NM University _Brooke Fleming
Board of Trustees of the NM Museum of Natural History _Monique Tenorio Board of Trustees of the NM Veterans Museum _Bailey Means
Board of Veterinary Medicine _Haydee Andujo
Children, Youth and Families Advisory Committee _Marisol Lozano Commission for the Blind Sabina Griebel
Commission for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Persons _Mary Rivera Commission of Indian Affairs Krista Baltes
Community Development Council _Keiko Yamamoto
Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad Commission _Mykayla Thomas Department of Public Affairs _Diana Guzman
Dept. of Military Affairs _Raquel Mendoza
Dept. of Regulation and Licensing_Karla Rodarte Developmental Disabilities Planning Council _Micaelah Cabazal E-911 State Coordination Committee Lucia Martinez

Early Childhood Education & Care Council _Tiana Olivas Economic Development Commission _Aisis Hernandez Education Trust Board _Amaya Huskey
Emergency Medical Services Task Force _Ashleigh Feldbusch Environmental Improvement Board _Brianna Martinez
Four Corners Heritage Council _Caitlin Britt
Governor's Commission of Disability Esperanza Salazar
Governor's Council on Film and Media Industries Estefani Martinez- Colin Historical Records Advisory Board _Jaimey Fastnacht
Information Technology Commission Jasmine Alcala
Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission Jennifer Harned
Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee Kaci Jarry
Juvenile Public Safety Advisory Board _Kacie Morelos
Livestock Board Kendra Flores
Military Affairs/NM National Guard _Kimberly Clayton Mining Safety Board _Lainey Fastnacht
Museum Board of Regents _Melanie Jun Music Commission _Melissa Reyna
National Museum of the Marine Corps _Naomi Helsel
Natural Lands Protection Committee Nieves Pacheco NM Arts Commission _Abigail Miller
NM Athletic Commission Paulina Burnside
NM Human Rights Commission _Renee Catanach NM Humanities Council _Serenity Barnes
NM Litter Control and Beautification Council _Sheyenne Drake
NM Lottery Authority _Sierra Whitfield NM Medical Board _Sydney Foster
NM Museum of Space History Commission _Torrie Padilla NM Public Defenders Commission Brianna Maes

NM State Drought Task Force NM State Library Commission

Vanessa Trujillo Victoria Trujillo

NM Veterans Advisory Board Yong Banks
NM Veterans Service Advisory Commission _Alanna Greenwell NM Youth Conservation Corps Commission _Lucia Lopez Office of County Flood Commissioner _Evonne Boldt
Public Safety Advisory Commission _Alea Stevenson Public School Insurance Authority _Alyssa Wood Real Estate Appraisers Board _Breanna Widner Recreational Trails Advisory Board _Raven Iverson
Small Business Regulatory Advisory Commission _Preciosa America Chavez Soil and Water Conservation Commission _Rowan Phileger
Spaceport Authority _Iris Romero
State Board of Finance Jaedan Marquez
State Commission for Community Volunteerism Jennifer Chavez
State Commission of Public Records Jessica Miller
State Commission on Post-Secondary Education _Jasmine Downey State Early Learning Advisory Council _Aryann Farano
State Emergency Response Commission _Katelynn Kenyon State Fair Commission _Chriss Wright
State Game Commission Vanessa Isleib
State Parks Advisory Board _Mackenzie Jordan State Racing Commission _Cailyn Marujo
State Transportation Commission _Carmelita Sanchez Tourism Commission Chanel Hefter
University Board of Regents for NM School for the Blind and Visually Impaired - Emma Harbison
University Board of Regents for NM School for the Deaf _Alexis Apodaca
Water Quality Control Commission _Morgan Fortin

Nationalist Party Appointments

Convention Chairman Chloe Brownell
Convention Clerk Alea Stevenson
​Convention Treasurer Renee Catanach
Keynote Speaker Not Recorded

Nationalist Party Platform Committee
Not Recorded

Federalist Party Appointments

Convention Chairman Mary Rivera
Convention Clerk Krista Baltes
​Convention Treasurer Keiko Yamamoto
Keynote Speaker Bailey Grady

Federalist Party Platform Committee
Aisis Hernandez, Aryann Farano, Brianna Martinez, Emma Harbison, Jaimey Fastnacht, Lainey Fastnacht, Paulina Burnside, Samantha Davis, Victoria Trujillo

(F) = Federalist Party, (N) = Nationalist Party
Other Awards and Recognitions
Outstanding Citizens

Cedar City
Jaimey Fastnacht

Spruce City
Sydney Foster

Cactus City
Haydee Andujo

Pine City
Chloe Brownell

Outstanding City

Pine City
Alea Stevenson, Catherine Goldblatt, Chloe Brownell, Chriss Wright, Gabriella Carmona, Isabel Tomingas, Jaedan Marquez, Jasmine Dixon, Joslyne Debonis, Keiko Yamamoto, Krista Baltes, Latricia Sanchez, Leah Downey, Lucia Lopez, Melissa Reyna, Monique Tenorio, Morgan Fortin, Naomi Helsel, Preciosa America Chavez, Raquel Mendoza, Rowan Phlieger, TiAnna Olivas, Torrie Padilla

Government Counselor Jordin Pettit, Senior Counselor Elizabeth Arzola
Junior Counselor2 Tori DuPriest, Junior Counselor Molly Statczar and Bella Garcia

American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation

Senior Senator
Chloe Brownell

Junior Senator
Aryann Farano

1st Alternate
Torrie Padilla

2nd Alternate
Trinity Shipley


Samsung American Legion Scholarship
Raven Iverson

NM American Legion Riders Scholarship
Torrie Padilla

Art Cover Contest

Carmelita Sanchez
Front Cover Winner

Serenity Barnes
Back Cover Winner

Choir Ensemble Participants

Aryann Farano, Audrey Turner, Bailey Grady, Breanna Widner, Brooke Fleming, Caitlin Britt, Catherine Goldblatt, Chloe Brownell, Emma Harbison, Estefani Martinez-Colin, Evonne Boldt, Gabriella Carmona, Isabel Tomingas, Jaimey Fastnacht, Jasmin Alcala, Karla Rodarte, Kimberly Clayton, Lainey Fastnacht, Mackenzie Jordan, Mary Rivera, Melanie Jun, Micaelah Cabazal, Monique Tenorio, Paulina Burnside, Renee Catanach, Sheyenne Drake, Sierra Whitfield, TiAnna Olivas, Trinity Shipley, VaNessa Isleib, Victoria Trujillo, Yong Banks

Accompanied on piano by
Kimberly Clayton

Led by Choir Directors Imogene Jones and Julia Flores

ENMU Book Scholarship
Rowan Phlieger

ENMU Book Scholarship
Jaimey Fastnacht

Flag Honor Guard

Aisis Hernandez, Alanna Greenwell, Alexis Apodaca, Isabel Tomingas, Kaci Jarry, Morgan Fortin, Nita Seciwa-Koons, Raven Iverson, Sydney Foster, Trinity Shipley

Led by Advisor JC Molly Statczar

Talent Show Participants

Alea Stevenson, Aryann Farano, Audrey Turner, Bailey Grady, Breanna Widner, Brianna Martinez, Chloe Brownell, Haydee Andujo, Jaimey Fastnacht, Jennifer Johnson, Jessica Miller, Kaci Jarry, Karla Rodarte, Katelynn Kenyon, Lainey Fastnacht, Leah Downey, Lucia Lopez, Mackenzie Jordan, Melanie Jun, Micaelah Cabazal, Morgan Fortin, Nita Seciwa-Koons, Paulina Burnside, Preciosa America Chavez, Raquel Mendoza, Rowan Phlieger, Sheyenne Drake, Torrie Padilla, Trinity Shipley, Victoria Trujillo, Yong Banks
MC'd by GC Maison Haines and Head JC Genevieve Romero
Organized by GC Jordin Pettit

Staff Members

Cactus - GC Maison Haines, SC Kathy Garcia, Head JC and JC2 Genevieve Romero, JC Dominica Chavez, JC Halle Medina
Cedar - GC Danielle Gurnea, SC Maureen Harrop, JC2 Kelsi Blake, JC Julia Flores, JC Casen Collins
Pine - GC Jordin Pettit, SC Elizabeth Arzola, JC2 Tori DuPriest, JC Molly Statczar, JC Bella Garcia
Spruce - GC Hannah Thornton, SC Patricia Torres, JC2 Amelia Zoernig, JC Isabel Gutierrez, JC Ashleigh Merritt
Ancillary Staff - Dir Alisha Jones, Asst Dir Amber Fitzgerald, Office Loreen Jorgensen,
Canteen Judy Casados, Nurse Jean Gomez, GJC3 Dana Thalmann
Activities Staff - Imogene Jones, Mara Michaels, Kat Jones
Media Team - Alex Hanson, Shannon Miller, Brenna Gilsdorf

American Legion Auxiliary New Mexico Girls State

Office: 1215 Mountain Rd NE

             Albuquerque, NM 87102

Email: director@alanmgirlsstate.org

Phone: 505-242-9918

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American Legion Auxiliary New Mexico Girls State established 1948